jude hill spirit cloth

#2 small dyeing

just a quick trial to see if color comes. color comes.

4 o' clocks, I think, part of a hummingbird seed mix.

to the Forever Zone...


  1. Glennis

    Nice… some old Meisen silk recently did some small dyeing on cloth next to it in the wetting out bowl. Imagine 90 year old cloth transferring dye to 100 year old cloth. They were speaking to each other!
    we did big dyeing here today. Lovely group showed up for an in studio workshop and were connected to each other and their inner wondering selves.

    • jude

      this is old silk from my grandma’s robe lining, I think when she was living in the Philippines. The old cloth dyes so well, probably less “industrial stuff” on it. Just dirt and age.

  2. jeri

    My stitching has kept me sane! I’ve been working on small-ish blocks, 12″ or so and I toss one into a bag with a blob of thread and off I go. Oh, it has saved my life many times!
    I’m glad you find the time each day to do some stitching.
    PS I decided on invisible baste and quilting stitch on my woven block. I like the way it looks.

  3. Nancy D

    My favorite bookmark was made by my middle grandson by smashing flowers and leaves with a hammer onto a linen strip! Sounds noisy, but he loved picking and experimenting with different plants from my Garden, and the effect was lovely! Literally, “impression” ism…

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