jude hill spirit cloth

just a little garden cloth

The purple basil didn't do well,  munched and molded.  But it did leave a bit of color on silk.  I think August will be a bit wordless.  In the garden.  Learning.

I am very confused about so many things.


  1. Mold makes that beautiful blue????!! Was it from being wet, wrapped around the plant and tin? I’ve never had any pretty colors from mold. Of course, I was never dying when I got mold. It was only the unintentional dampness kind.

  2. Judy

    Melancholy, confused and unmotivated here on Canada’s east coast but always happy to read your posts and see what photos you have for us today. Recharge and enjoy August!

  3. Elizabeth Nakayama

    I just found out that basil and sage do not like to be near each other. I removed my sage near my basil and both are doing much better. Also, my basil likes full sun most of the day and only morning waters, and hates her leaves wet.

  4. sharon

    whatever we focus on, seems to get bigger. think i’ll consider this cloth for a while. your photos always say so much. a little cloth dye each day sounds peaceful and productive.

  5. Cj

    Sometimes just a photo is enough. Digging this lovely cloth! August always seems like some turning point to me. I’m trying to rid and begin different areas. Dishing apps out the door, trying new on to bring more happiness and beauty, with less air time. Trading a blog into a newsletter. You’ve had big, big news.👶 Seems your summer went so fast with a remodel. Then developing this place for us. And the world went into a damn tizzy. I hope you go rest your mind, renew your spirit and spread your wings a bit just for yourself. I’ll just re-watch some of your YouTube..needed one today.🤗🕉️💖🌱☯️

  6. Victoria Witte

    Well, aren’t we all confused these days? There are so many senseless things going on it’s hard to know where to start. It’s like ” Wait, what? that surely can’t be right!”

  7. The way this one Becomes the path, yeah. So lovely.
    There really is a luxury in embracing whatever may come, like confusion. It can be hard to fake it.

  8. meri

    Here too – confused, sad distressed and deeply anxious.
    Need for Hope in future for Humanity. Thanks for your soothing writing

  9. Jen

    A little sad.

    I mostly stay home becuz when I go out, I get even more melancholy, confused, and mad.

    Cats, cloth & cultivating.
    Love the basil cloth! 💜

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