jude hill spirit cloth

keep going


maybe not  The Last Sunflower

That's what, basically, IT's all about.

Sometimes IT is just what moves through you.

And how that changes IT.

The question is what is IT?


  1. Caro

    This has such a “kelim” feel for me. Its so calm and beautiful.
    I am checking in almost daily these days. Grateful for you beeing here and sharing.
    Myself i am out of words theses days. My creativity is supporting the garden in its fight to manage the ongoing water shortage.
    Just beeing with and observing my grandchild gives me new energy.
    Thank you

    • jude

      It is just great that you said that, because the sense of woven textile is very much on my mind.
      Gardening is so so much work lately.
      It is a gift to be around new life.

  2. ~ The question is a good one. IT is a way of speaking that assumes the listener knows the answer.
    Thank you so much for your teaching. I am doing some cloth block weaving and having a blast !

  3. jeri

    Love the eye.
    Keeping a close eye on what’s at the root.
    Figuring it all out so to speak. If I’m making any sense. ❤️

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