jude hill spirit cloth

summer 2022

For a long time now,

inspired by Dana...

...the cloth I call Grow, remains on the table, as a Table Cloth.  It made a a great backdrop for seed sorting yesterday.  While we enjoyed  a few drops of rain for about 2 minutes.  Here in lower New York State, where water is everywhere, declared a drought area with reduced ground water for at least the near future, expected to continue now for however long.  Birds , bees, squirrels, chipmunks and even a gopher groundhog, sorry (I aways do that)  came to drink from the water bowls and hang out in the shaded green surrounding  the watered garden.

The garden fence has worked well.  I let this area, that slopes down from the garden to the forest, grow wild. And he seems happy enough to eat here. There were flowers. We don't walk here because of ticks.

We can all live here together.

I'm thinking...

The Last Sunflower,  we'll see.

to the zone


  1. I want the Grow Cloth for my table!! It looks so inviting and fresh, a perfect reflection of the summery green explosion outside. That groundhog is cute…do they take the place of rabbits, or do you have both?

    • jude

      it really works on a round table. who know?
      They are like rabbits on steroids. It seems there should be rabbits here but I have not seen any.

  2. My first thought was one of longing. I am longing for summer 2022 but mid winter rain continues to fall with squalls waiting in the hills to drench me on my walks. And the last sunflower? I’m glad you question that.

  3. Jana

    Summer winding down, slowing down, into autumn … eventually, hopefully, faithfully. Cannot wait. Lovely sunflower in the making.

  4. Jane Hudak

    I have Stage III Cancer and cant’t create much right now. Your posts are so nourishing to my soul. Thank you for making such beautiful things, Jude! ❤️

  5. Nancy D

    Your Grow Cloth is gorgeous. And The Last Sunflower a star amid its surroundings! I’ve been reading about dyeing with Sunflower, both petals and seeds…

  6. Last night I dreamed about bunnies and squirrels and other critters I can’t quite remember running for my gate, wanting in my garden…

    This cloth has the colors of early morning for me.

    • Wendy

      We had a couple hours worth of rain last night along with sky to ground lightening. Got up to squirrels and birds in the pear tree this morning. Learning that these critters can be very destructive. Going to try a method my grandpa used to keep them out of his trees. We shall see.

      Your grow cloth looks warm and inviting with the seeds laying scattered about.

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