jude hill spirit cloth


Be in it.

The haven I created here is not just for chipmunks.

All of it,  just is here within view.  More life.  As it is and will be.

Earth Weeps.  Under the needle.  Weaving on my mind.  Because weaving is a special kind of holding and a special kind of reminder.

to the zone


  1. Beth from Still Life Pond

    Control. And the softness that comes in realizing there is none. I love the magic of weaving an image sideways. You’re making me want to revisit that. How a loom can be as simple as a box lid.

  2. Jeri

    What are you weaving with please? Cloth or string?
    Do you use a loom, something you made or…?
    Tell us more please.

    • jude

      Thread, yarn, small weavings made during Considering Weave. I use looms sometimes and sometimes not. I have many, bought and made.

  3. Nancy D

    This is truly beautiful, Jude. The weavings remind me of woven Indian pouches. We have to remember that we are a part of Nature. We certainly don’t govern it.

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