jude hill spirit cloth

and so it goes

Out of control.

It's that time of year. The cucumbers have escaped the fence and the Malabar spinach is everywhere.  There are definitely more than enough tomatoes for the chipmunks and us.  The paths are becoming hard to navigate. I will make some changes next season.

There IS a garden.

And then, I remind myself how little control I seem to have over how to get to things these days, but still I am growing.  My capabilities have seriously diminished and I am noticing.  Design Mending I keep muttering to myself.

I continued a bit with paper and wanted to post a little bit in the zone today, but the video's sound got lost and I was inundated with spam here this morning so I just decided it can wait.

Soul-o is still waiting for his morning brush.

There is a shop update today, the new moon. I have added and update page to the sidebar of the site,  Threadcrumbs Shop, so I need not clutter posts with selling stuff.  You can check there from now on if you like, I am trying to be a bit more on it in terms of letting you know, because you asked. 


  1. … a dazzling card piece – the folding of cloth at the bottom inspires .. thank you for the threadcrumbs update on instagram .. I understand diminishing capabilities, learning to accept and revise myself and my priorities …….

  2. Wendy

    I am overrun with chipmunks this year! They are decimating the pears on my tree before they are even ready. They eat a few bites and move on to a new one. I’m praying I have enough to harvest and preserve this year. I may call in an exterminator to remove them as they are such a problem. Digging holes and eating the fruit before it’s time.

    Such a beautiful photo of Soulo, he is such a beautiful cat. Your spinach is lovely and so green.

  3. Jana

    Yes, so enjoyed the Joni video and passing it along.

    Soul-O is all the inspiration a girl could want, to do … whatever … or not!
    Gosh, he’s adorable.

  4. CJ

    Awaiting his brush! Such sweetness! I went back to listen to Joni again and found the #newportfolkfestival hashtag with many more song videos of that day with Joni. Playing as I work through my wishing star! 💥

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