jude hill spirit cloth

Outside looking in


Lately.  Every evening when it cools a bit,  I sit on the porch beneath the center skylight, and look up.  Last evening, there was looking back. Outside looking in.  And I said, out loud, this is just how I feel lately.

what if I draw with plants?

I found a lot of old thin silk that was hiding in an unopened box.  I continue to play with small bundles.  Not waiting long enough to see, but long  enough to know that what I imagine might actually be possible.

Building the glossary here is now my priority, because it is an outline for  some long sought after  form of story telling.  Heat is building here so I will disappear for a bit.  Maybe go down to the basement.   But when I come back, I will start with A.

Stay cool, stay well.




  1. sharon

    how wonderFULL to re-discover that box… how things appear, as needed. your blog has been that for me, and countless others. looking forward to expanding our vocabulary!

  2. Jen

    I’m in the studio, organizing & cleaning…I turn around to hens staring at me thru the glass French doors HA HA!

    Stay cool!

  3. Greta welks

    Stay cool, stay well Jude and friends. Phoebe nests by our window. Has been for over 10 years. Wonder where it goes, how it comes back every year. Travels, finds Vermont, our town, our window. I marvel at the this, and Bill and I are happy to welcome them back every year!

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