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Not sure how much rain, but a lot.  Big wind and lots of water.  Water. What a powerful change in the garden.  Something really big fell down in the forest, I have not checked yet.  While tying up the tomatoes that fell over...

I found this.

Iffy internet today, that's all I got.


  1. Jeri

    Oh! I just found my first cucumber, and what a lovely surprise. I am doing container gardening this year (at the beach that’s all you can do) and everything is behind normal gardens. I did get one zucchini too… Brings me such joy!
    BTW, I ran into a cucumber enthusiast at the garden center and he said he sprinkles cinnamon and bakes them in the oven. He said they are delicious. I just googled too, there’s all sorts of recipes, muffins etc… Imagine that?!

    • jude

      i like to eat them like apples, or we make a turkish salad called cacik, diced with yoghurt , olive oil, garlic, mint or dill, salt and pepper.

  2. Glennis

    I saw the big water in the NY subways. Really big.
    Garden life though. Looking forward to what you discover in the woods!

  3. Linda

    I can just imagine the lovely fresh taste of that cucumber. The morning glory reminds me of my aunt’s garage, completely covered on one side with huge blue ones, when I was a child. A very long time ago..

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