jude hill spirit cloth


Often, I just can't stop.

I liked it simple actually, not that I don't like what it became.

I DREAMT I WAS TALLER    a longer story. a taller tale?

I wrote a poem while I was just going.

Actually, just words, what makes a bunch of words a poem?  Maybe just how you see them? I had to look it up, if dreamed or dreamt was correct. I am not too good with knowing words.  And then,  dreamt just felt better. A lot of times, that is what language has become for me.


Just talking in the zone today,  a newsletter to be published soon, because there has been some reconsidering...


  1. deemallon

    Catching up reading backwards. Your posts are poems. Regularly. What else could you call this: “hair can be a language sometimes.”

    • jude

      ha! amazed at what floats to the surface. If I tried to think about what to say I would never say anything… words confuse me and and I can never explain where they come from.

  2. Lynn

    It’s a poem – and now, there’ll be many more, floating to the surface, whether or not a piece of stitching has triggered it!
    On another matter, thank you, Jude, for identifying your lovely marigold. They are a very different, smaller flower here in Oz.

    • jude

      floating to the surface, yes, you put words to how it happens…
      the marigolds mostly got shewed up but the ones that survived are big and bright, like suns. I imagine tiny and bright dyepo(e)ts

  3. Alison TS

    I think poetry is about feeling and the magic that happens when words fall together in the right order.
    This brought to mind the Hip hop rap song by American Rapper “Skee – Lo”… ” I wish”… maybe you are word stitching

  4. Deb VZ

    I have been trying to capture the idea of mystery in stitch and wasted a whole lot of Deb L.’s beautiful thread in my failed attempt. And here it is -beautifully illustrated in your totem’s hair. If it’s okay, I like to use something similar in my piece…which is, come to think of it, also a totem.

  5. Vi

    I look at this beautiful piece of yours…and the Beatles pop into my head…”.I’d like to be…
    Under the sea….”..:):)

    …sing with time passing…aah…to be in accord..a chord with the passing of time… with ease ..and sing…

    What a lovely poem…dreamt feels right, for sure:):)

  6. Marilee

    Loved the fabric and thread poem, and the word poem. Like someone else said, my mind added “by” to the end to rhyme, but my spelling would have been “bye”, which gives it a whole new meaning. I don’t post a lot. I guess I’m a parttime ghost, but I do read you first thing every day, just to joggle the spirit. Thank you.

  7. Jeri

    I enjoy sitting with my work and it tells me what is needed.
    Maybe it gets too chatty sometimes but I like to let it do the directing.

    Re the poem, our thoughts are our thoughts and letting them out is beautiful. They dont have to make sense to anyone but us.

  8. Kristin A

    the poem flows beautifully, just as the locks of hair flow on the woman in the totem……a beautiful capture of flow…of movement in both instances

  9. sharon

    beautyfull, and beautyfuller. my head automatically added “by” to the last phrase. but it’s more meaningfull not rhyming. as tho to say, it’s not what u think. or expect.

      • Jana

        I believe you have tapped into a/the language of the cosmos through cloth and thread. I’ve not seen all the words or read all the definitions, but each one I’ve come across seems connected with restoration, respect, expansion, curiosity, transformation, allowing … a language of harmony that travels the cycle of birth, decay, death, and rebirth. Sorry if this is a bit far out (and not fully articulated) … just what I sense intuitively. I think it is the thing that moved me to tears the first time I read your words which was in the feather project.

  10. Velma Bolyard

    oh, you! you are so good with words, and speaking about your work…the hearing of words is poetry, too. or rather, listening?

  11. Judy

    It’s hot. Simple and reconsidering are good. I never ‘got’ poetry which has made me feel as though I’ve missed something, you know, on the outside looking in on ‘those in the know’ but your idea of just words made a difference for me. I’ve put some words together and they sound just fine, just my thoughts. Maybe I’ll share some one day. Thanks as always Jude.

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