jude hill spirit cloth

how we might connect


Many Worlds.

out of the blues

Softer Boundaries.

So many things could be floating around here,  maybe on journeys from here to there.  A base for going.

And it's blue, a coolness and relief from hell on earth which seems to have arrived almost everywhere.  In so many forms.

go high

Still the goldfinches sing.  Here perched on the blooming mullein which rose up voluntarily in the garden.   And there are way too many cucumbers to eat.  I  will share with neighbors.

And now, here comes the heat.   Unplug.

flat out

New post in the Zone...

a few new crumbs in the shop today...




  1. Lynne Watson

    You should realize you have the mind and heart of a poet; you think in poetic phrases, you work in poetic realms…even denying this is a poetic stance. You can’t escape it. I love your poetic nature. It captivates me, enthralls me, I feel a spiritual kinship with you. It inspires me to delve into my poetic nature and work there long hours in complete solitude and peace.

  2. Nancy D

    Mullein. One of my favorite herbs. Perhaps you can make some fragrant candles from the flower stalks! Gardens and Nature, my saving grace every day.

  3. Sarita

    Thank you Jude!
    Was so low yesterday feeling overwhelmed by “hell on earth in so many forms”.
    Your reminder that beauty, rest & kindness are a relief, a place to start from.
    Creation is a beautiful thing for a creative!

  4. Jeri

    So many struggles these days… it is a relief to have something creative to divert ones attention.
    It’s going to be a HOT one today… but currently there is a nice breeze. I’ll take it!
    I plan on doing a lot of sitting AND maybe look at some of your videos! I do enjoy that.

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