jude hill spirit cloth

Good Enough


a big ol' patch is just the thing. (Continued from here,  in case you weren't here yesterday...)

I think Dee sent me this cloth, but my memory cannot be depended on these days.

Patching is applique really.  I left the top edge ragged,  that makes this cloth a cobblecloth.  As if it wasn't already?

I tend to use  single thread for quilting these days.  I was more likely to use 2 way back when.  Interesting to see the play between yesterday and today on the other side.


  1. Joyce L

    Your patching looks as though it was always there… so soft and worn and like it just belongs. Cobblecloth is a good description of what I like to do as well!

  2. Susan Parker

    I love handwork. It’s relaxing and portable —well sometimes.
    I have been known to unravel fabric to use as thread.
    Linens are a favorite for unraveling and generally strong enough to use as thread.
    2 strands, 6 strands, 1 strand?—–it’s all good IMO.

  3. i remember the moment you showed us the separation of the
    6 strands….i could use a SINGLE strand?….i was so so thrilled.
    like, Thrilled. one of those EEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    moments…and i never went back. Use those John James Sharps 011
    that are a labor of love to thread anymore, but oh…still…
    it was, to use the overly used phrase…Life Changing.

    • jude

      Oh, the threading, yes, takes so many tries and always has me laughing. Integration, always wanting to sew with a thread more like what the cloth is made from.

      • honestly, I use longer lengths than is generally recommended just so I don’t have to thread the needle as often … then work it down to the last tiny bit, at which point the thread comes out and I have to rethread the needle … sheesh

  4. Nancy D

    I just love the tiny seed stitches, Jude! Rows of seeds that, planted in the cloth prepared to receive them, yield texture to softness! Texture is very important to me!

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