jude hill spirit cloth

just another yesterday

Two young ones and an empty space from last year's wood pile.  Soon to be filled with next season's wood pile. We need to get to that.

And a feeling of going without knowing where. But with a sense of why. Which is quite automated in me.


Trust in what?

Do deer trust they will find food? Grow up strong? Find a mate? Live in a beautiful place?  Realize their potential?  Or do they just keep going because it is all they can do.

Sorry. I do this periodically. I mean no harm.  It is a kind of exercise.  The man here is much more skilled at it than me. Extracting the essence of a situation without the frills of romantic expectation.  And handling it without a nod.


  1. Jeri

    It’s my favorite part of a project, the decision has been made and the stitching begins and for awhile there’s not much thought needed, only the doing… and it feels so good.

  2. Dhyana

    Hi Jude,
    That is a lovely cloth close-up. putting stuff in the diamonds is a great descision. And all your eyes are wonderful in their multitude. The deer have such a beautiful warm deep carmel color.. they glow in the green.
    The flora and fauna of earth are earth… born of earth… it is man who seems not to belong here, yet here we all are – breathing through life together. I think it all keeps going because it’s all it can do.
    * * *
    Thank you for your teaching. I am skatching some 1.5″ squares, whip stitching some 2.5″ squares, and continuing to work on a couple of raw edge assembled expressive “scenes”.
    Love !!

  3. Becky McQueen

    The wildlife i watch have daily paths, habits. The deer families know where to go for food, shelter from weather, water, safety from hunters, procreation outside of their family, but if things in their environment change, they must change and they do. I don’t see them as all that different from us.

  4. To be surrounded by…to LOOK for the beauty…a way to go on, move froward…move through….
    Thank you for sharing yours here.
    Perhaps this is a way to support, to love one another…sharing the goodness.

    On top of everything, all the decisions being made (not by us, that’s for sure)…that football dude was really upsetting for me.
    Love to you, to all.

  5. Cj

    What are they thinking? The sounds of nature as I listen to birdsong this morning. Loud and chatter is full throttle nonstop. Are they making a plan for their day? Warnings, sharing ideas? I wish I knew.

  6. Judy

    Yes animals are in the present and I turn to that when life seems too heavy. That and turn off the news. Your posts are always thought provoking. Thanks Jude

  7. Ksozgirl

    Knowing and feeling are often so different about the same thing. Knowing is more trustworthy. Feelings can be fickle but have their uses too.

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