jude hill spirit cloth

Filling up with words

I may just call her Done

aka Singing Woman.

She ended up resting here for a while...

My cloths have become kind, they often hold one another. Until it is time to go.  While small cloths are about being held,  large cloths are about holding.  Blankets, not art.  It is important to me that they not be "art".  It is hard to explain. But someday I will be able to find the words.  If I live long enough.

Weird summer.  Now 55 degrees. I treated myself to a new cloth drying rack.  For drying without birdshit.

There is a covid explosion here.  Still masked up everywhere. I get looks.  Not interested in being one of the "everyone will get it" people.   I don't trust its long term effects.  My body, my choice.  At least I can say that for now.

So yes. There is birdshit.  I have created a sanctuary it seems.

And  then Bullshit.  Well, we just need to live with that. Do our best to remain kind.

Today is the man's birthday.  I think he forgot.


  1. Joy

    My Grandmother used to hang her clean laundry to dry in the chicken yard, I never could figure that one out. She had plenty of nice green grass areas to string up a line. Guess that’s a question I’ll ask her when I see her in Heaven.

  2. Happy Birthday to the Man.
    There is something comforting about a wooden clothes drying rack (and a clothesline too)…I think because they hark back to a simpler time and to home. ❤️

  3. Dhyana

    .J –
    ……Yes. I too keep my mask behavior; maximizing protection
    (maskimizing ?) .. I want to maintain the level of health I HAVE. Living with organ damage is my biggest fear with this thing.
    – D

  4. Debbie

    Happy Birthday to the man, even though he forgot! I often bring my washing in and discover birdshit on it, it is most annoying!
    It is interesting that you say it is important to you that they are blankets not art, and that they not be art…I look forward to hearing more on this from you.
    When I see your cloths, small and large, I always marvel at your ever moving creativity and the flow of your imagination, like the eb and flow of the sea…but in many different locations…sometimes all at the same time!
    Take care.

    • Carol C.

      Know what you mean about being concerned about long term effects. I share them too. Love your large cloth. It looks very happy to be on your table. Also received your beautiful moon squares last week. Just love them!

  5. Love those flowy lines emanating from the middle. I could use a little flow in my life. None at the moment. But we have escaped Covid thus far; myself and my husband with dementia. It’s enough dealing with that. Good for you for taking care of yourself.
    P.S. In our neighborhood, we have peacock shit. Be thankful for smaller favors.

  6. I feel this one, not just the words, but the colors, the rhythms, and the patches.
    My cloths are not always kind; and I feel that, although they aren’t always pleasant because of it, they’re honest. Proof of my thoughts and feelings, even when they are wrong, flawed, or over- reactive. Maybe there is beauty and usefulness in processing that, even when I don’t move on from it.

  7. Jana

    Cloths sharing their essence with one another while resting. All One. Left in the trees like prayer flags. I bow with appreciation.

    Enjoy the cool!

  8. Jen

    Happy birthday to the man!
    Love Singing/Screaming Woman…she deserves a good rest ( we ALL Do!)
    Very tired of everything….
    My flowers, okra, beans and shovel, the gardens, cats, hens, the bunny and turtles, bees and butterflies, hummingbirds and and needle and thread are my sanctuary…hardly any masks around here; ugh ugh and yes, covid is high EEK

  9. Marti

    We celebrate the decade birthdays and forget the rest…If the man remembers his birthday, well then, Feliz Cumpleanos to him, (Happy Birthday in Spanish.)

    As a welcome gift for coming to New Mexico, grace gave me a terrific large folding rack; said it was for showcasing my dyed cloths and I did that for a while. Over time, the rack resumed its useful intent,, especially in winter, when I did not use my clothes line.

    Now and then, when I get the urge to dye a lot of cloths, out comes the rack and I place it outside. We have a little alcove near the front door so the rack gets placed there, covered with dyed cloths. Naturally dyed cloths can be pretty subdued in color with the exception of walnut, indigo or rust markings. Sometimes I drag a chair over to the rack and sit for a while, cup of tea in hand. I close my eyes and imagine that I am sipping tea in a Bedouin tent in a faraway land, looking out over intriguing landscape. ..so there, another use for a rack: it can be a portal to dreaming of distant lands!

  10. Linda

    Yeah, sometimes I’d like to forget my birthday but, really, isn’t it nice … great … wonderful … something … that we’re still here? I think. Singing woman has become. I live her.

  11. Ksozgirl

    For me, it’s all about being useful. I’m not an artist but I can be useful. So I try to only stitch useful stuff.
    Holding and being held. So much content in those words. I think we all go from one to the other and back with ability to cope…,
    Singing Woman is lovely and soft in her presence.. would that I could be so.

  12. Happy Birthday to everyone who forgets their birthday. My dad says it’s just another day. 🙂

    We had the covid explosion too, it seems to be tapering off. Lots of people here wear masks, even some of those have caught it. I think it goes back to the friends/family/random luck.

    Sanctuary, a place to rest. We all need that….

  13. Still masking, contactless porch deliveries, etc. Finally stepped out in the world with monthly poetry reading and a booth at an arts festival. It was outside and I masked most of the day. Saw a few others masked outside as well. Masks in my foreseeable future!

  14. I like people who do nut make fuss about their birtdays – even forget it. In a few days I will meet Doris- our friendship started through your blog and comments …

  15. Nancy

    Never forget your birthday! See it as representative of renewal. Life is renewal! Your hugging cloth is so beautiful, Jude, the way it ripples outward, like water after a stone is tossed. Yes. I find that all the ripple of politics is draining. Thank goodness for my stitching…right now I’m stitching angel wings on a black cat’s cute little head. Go figger..

  16. Debbie Hudson

    That is what I love most about your work, Jude. It is living art, the kind that easily lives among the birds in the trees.

  17. I have used wooden drying racks for decades … easier than pinning to a line, and equally useful inside or out …

    I never stopped masking when I went into public places … but as with so many others, I was felled by a family gathering … may you stay safe

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