jude hill spirit cloth


What if, was the questionWhat if Trust could be something like floating through time?  That simple.  I've been distracted from things here, the Zone and almost everything I think I need to be doing.  This small cloth  brought back some simple peace.   Actually growing from ideas about living on a houseboat from years back.   Also a what if.   We are older now,  but still, floating through time.   With questions and the same sense that floating brings.

And then, the same sense that certain things are just not fair.

It was a small birthday party on the porch, us two, homemade pizza, Pink Foyd, and later a call with the boy...  he finally tested negative after 9 days of Covid.


  1. We don’t remember days we remember moments.
    the answer for “what if ” just might be yes.
    A Party on the Porch with Pizza and Pink Floyd sounds good to me .
    Glad you son is on the mend.
    “thought is like a little boat upon the sea” a line from Donovan “Happiness Runs”

  2. Wyonne Bucheit Decorah Iowa

    I like the idea of the past just floating in. when every joint worked and noooo forgetting etc. will be 81 July 2. will take time to float

  3. Corinne

    Glad for Birthdays and Your son recovering from Covid.

    We can trust our “within” as the wild things do.

    The answer is there is no answer.

  4. Laura

    Out of your context, I know, but when I saw your words: just not fair, I saw the juxtaposition of just, and not fair. Too much news, I guess. I wish I could carry my kayak by myself. I think I need a quiet boat ride. Like your cloth today.
    Good news about son. May you stay well.

  5. Vi

    Peaceful boat trusting the waves…a good party and a call from your boy with good news…the peace of trusting good things…so precious.

  6. drifting without rudder or sail … currents taking us where they will … we have to trust …

    and the words of the Indigo Girls … The Wood Song … come to mind

    “Love weighs the hull down with its weight”

  7. Love the waves… and a roof like an arrow. Sounds like the perfect party to me! Also, now I have “Comfortably Numb” stuck in my head. 🙂

      • The bus ride to middle school/high school was an hour long both ways for the area where I lived. Someone would bring a boom box to listen to (there’s a dated phrase I think!) and we would all sing along loudly. “Another Brick in the Wall” was new at that time and very popular. What a great bus driver we had…. 🙂

  8. Mieke

    Congrars and the smallest parties are the best, to my opinion. Good your son tested negative hopefully he soon feels like a bird in the sky.
    Sending love

  9. Jen

    Hurray for negative!!

    Sounds like it was the best birthday Party on the Porch with Pizza and Pink Floyd!

    I feel like I’m floating….

  10. Tina

    Floating through time .. 9 just trusting and going. I absolutely love it .. LOVE IT! Seems you’re loving your new restored porch. Sending love..

  11. Perfect birthday….and glad your son tested negative on corona….i still test positive but don’t feel sick..just tired….what if I had loads of energy….

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