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Trust #2


Derived from the word think.

Thought catching then.  Repeating the sense of this floating through time.  Maybe at least 9 times.

This one, time is more obviously not standing still.  And perhaps the nine, more obviously a kind of personal logic, to hold something.

I am not a Buddhist.  I am  trying to remind myself.

about Just Going.

Maybe I am a NINE-ist.  Clever,,, but really, I don't like to call myself anything.  Labels divide us.

Forever Zone newsletter for July



  1. Lynn

    Decades ago, when numerology was all “the go”, my sister and I wrote out our names, and added up the numbers of each letter, to find that we were both Nines! While we forgot about numerology, we were delighted with the Nine, and we too like the patch of Nine Squares. Recently I found a site called Bush Barrow in the UK, from the early British Bronze Age (circa 2000 BCE) and one of the grave goods found is a spectacular gold lozenge….in the centre of this piece is a Nine Square! The design is so simple but beautiful – please Google “Bush Barrow” (from part of the Stonehenge complex) to see this lovely piece from antiquity.

  2. Dhyana

    Dear Jude,
    I am the student that became ready for a teacher and here you are.
    Your generous blog, The Jude School of Cloth Magic, has many roads to travel and although it seems very rich, deep, and convoluted I trust I am getting exactly what I need for the day. Who needs more than that ?
    I too dislike labels for the same reason. And your comments on the words Art and Artist have been right on. “Just Going” perfectly describes my new cloth journey.
    Many thanks,

  3. a Very BeautyFull Cloth the motion/stillness of it
    i AM buddhist. My hair is in the Lama’s book from when i took Refuge all those years ago when i ran away to Oregon. and i say that in the same way as i say i am a woman, an old white one, i am a Goatherd, i am a great grandmother, i am a drawer, a clothmaker, a sister of a Garden and this morning, more than usual, a crazy person
    since i can’t be seen as i live these things, i like to “label” myself so you get the idea of me

  4. Vi

    Yes, don’t like labels at all, as well. But I had to laugh about that bit of reminding yourself your not Buddhist. Maybe Tao:)? 🙂
    I am a nine- ist in many ways too…very little of the “ist” tho .
    Very beautiful imagery of trust. .

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