jude hill spirit cloth

they might become like


...like a tree

by the river

of sanity.

This one rested a while and called for attention.  I will sit with it for a spell.  A combination of 3 different pieces.  I tend to break things down, catching thoughts, creating symbols and expressing selves.  Components, over time, puzzle pieces.  I feel it's time to put them back together.  See who I have become.  And then, if there is time, let go and start all over again.


You all have a good weekend.  Doing what you do.  We had a Covid scare but then, NOT.

Which rhymes with HOT and 98% humidity so I will just keep my mouth shut for a while. Plug my ears.  Unplug.  Sweat it out.


  1. Wendy

    Yay for no COVID! Love the look of togetherness with all three components. Hope you get some relief from the heat soon.

  2. Relief of not covid… Relief here now after storms that the humidity has lifted and cool air is coming in the window. I like these teetering cats, I feel rather teetering lately, too.

  3. Bogi

    This is a fabulous piece, I love how you puzzled it together! I love the colors the design and everything!
    Glad to hear you are ok!
    Happy stitching!

  4. Tina

    Glad you’re ok .. poor Hazel got sent right to bed with it. I’m just so happy that we were all able to get vaccinated.. being home sick beat’s having to go to the hospital.

  5. Dhyana

    Happy ! No Covid ! Yay.
    I am seeing moon faces – cut open and turned under , applique style , forgot your descriptive terms but I want to learn this method (note to self) so, thank you.
    “See who I have become” speaks to me. This work is giving me many lessons .. it shows me my life.

  6. Ah, thank goodness! I would like to BE a tree, alongside the River called Sanity. Hope the humidity goes down and you can relax in the Not Covid-ness of the long weekend. ❤️

  7. Rosalie

    Reading your words and the comments helps me feel a kinship with all the women who are taking solace from handwork to help get through these times. We have had a succession of cloudy days here on the coast so fabric, threads, and watercolor paints help keep me in balance. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Becky McQueen

    We are back to high risk in Oregon. Everyone enjoying their “freedom”. We will have a quiet weekend, contemplating that concept and watching fawns frolic.

  9. Kathleen Sundby

    New follower here… this piece is striking. I love the black/white, the mauve/olive, tree against the burgundy hills, and that unexpected pop of that quilted sun. Oh the wonderful stitches this piece can have💕🇨🇦.

  10. Marti

    Glad that the Covid scare was not Covid…seems like we all face that uncertainty lately. Since June 23rd, here in New Mexico, over 8,000 cases, over 1,000 on Thursday…

    A blogger I read, not part of my usual group, has put out a black flag instead of the stars and stripes for this long weekend.

    Me, well I turn to my comfort rituals, going into my basket of dyed scraps, holding them, moving them about but today, they weren’t having it, pieces kept falling on the ground. Before I knew it, a cloth had been pinned and I named it, Holding Center. As soon as this cloth is stitched, it could very well turn into my Linus blanket!

  11. deemallon

    Glad you’re okay. We were exposed twice last weekend. Fortunately neither of us shows signs of being sick.

  12. Cj

    The tree. So majestic and colorful. It’s beautiful. Yesterday a Caterpillar knocked over and chewed up our back forest. Tears but today an armadillo snorting around in my now tiny refuge. No Covid allowed! Be safe.

  13. Velma Bolyard

    so glad it was a scare. only. not too hot here, beautiful, happy. waiting for mothemergence. anxiously. keep cool.

  14. Jen

    Thank goodness the scare was….not! Whew!
    Enjoy your weekend, stormy here, going to work indoors on the house, embellishing, stitching it together one board, one brush stroke at a time 😁

  15. Cheyenne

    seems like so many of are like patchwork, made of some scraps, somethings older and some borrowed….i like the different parts as they weave themselves together…

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