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The Temple of Going

Maybe Temple is not a good word.  It's connection to religion.  Worship.  Not my thing.  In any form.

Somewhere along the way, I was told, never talk about God, it will drive people away.  I never take advice.  Know me, I say.

But, so, connection to something outside one's self. The bigger, even if it is simply a kind of respect, acknowledgement of the smallness of self,  I think temple can be used like that. Not sacred space  but a sense of being held by that which we cannot know, building a window into that.  Making place. A field of peace of mind.

just talking in the Zone today


  1. Love the moonlight reflected in the cloth below the wandering beastie… to me, anyway, it’s reflected moonlight in a patch of water, or a puddle, or the beastie is wading in the water… and that had me singing.

  2. Dale Bolton

    The first thought when I saw you “temple” was of an old candy fashioned jar. It could be a doorway somewhere in India. I do like your cloth.

  3. Dale Bolton

    The first thought when I saw you “temple” was of an old candy fashioned jar. It could be a doorway somewhere in Arabia. i do like it.

  4. Lynn

    I too like the word Temple. We can admire a temple, a shrine, the mosque domes in the Middle East; and the domes in India, ancient churches and cathedrals, as they are some of Man’s best architecture in the world, without being religious or bringing religion into it. And I love your Indian gateway outline, Jude.

  5. Laura

    Not my thing either. I was taught not to discuss money, politics, or religion in polite company. Well, here I am, an older woman who is choking on all that I told myself not to express, with friends (?) whom I fear would no longer accept me based upon my being an atheist, Democrat, etc. I feel a little like I’m coming out of the closet, but everyone probably knows what I am, as I drive a Subaru Outback! Haha!
    Anyhoo, thank you! Love your: a sense of being held by that which we cannot know…

  6. Dhyana

    Delighted to identify with your view I am !
    This particular beast is full of character and mystery – favorite.

  7. sharon

    grateful that we don’t all have to believe the same thing to be part of this community. for me, your work speaks a universal language that transcends personal beliefs. it creates in me a sense of awe.

    • Jude

      This sounds so good, but I cannot figure out what it really means, because the beast is so many things. I am curious how you would explain it.

      • what i was meaning is that this is how i believe she, Mary Oliver,
        talked about the god thing. Your beasts are your beasts, only you
        can know. We can love them because of how they make us feel.
        it’s all too BIG and close to my Heart for blog comments.

        • jude

          Oh ok, it’s the soft beast that confuses me. I just wondered if the soft part is just part of the beast. I was just wondering about your interpretation.

  8. I like your temple, it looks so open. Words are funny. I like the word temple and shrine and sanctuary, but when they are applied to actual buildings, I feel skeptical like there’s an overreach.

  9. Jude~ I come here and sit and be…I come here and learn and nod in agreement and Ooh and Ahhh…your words, so real to me. This cloth pure magic…the use of the ‘temple’ opening, the moon and its reflection…Its Reflection! and the beast, wandering through. I absolutely love this cloth for what it says and how it says it. ❤️

  10. Lynne Watson

    My sentiments, exactly. Never thought I would meet anyone who thinks like me! I feel a sympathetic connection to you. Sympatico. I hope this doesn’t presume?

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