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one day

Good Morning.

That's it, no fancy words.

sempathetic evolution

Just to say , the indigo has begun to grow like a weed here.


  1. Jeri

    Oh, I’m going to grow Indigo at my new house, I can’t wait! Would you say it’s happiest in full sun?
    What other plants do you grow for dying?

    And instead of good morning, I’ll say, G’Nite.

    • jude

      full sun, good soil.
      mostly I use what grows around but I do grow madder, which is a long term thing, but have not dug for roots since I moved here. And have not worked with it much.

  2. i once knew a retired occupational therapist that fired her gardener after he cut down her indigo tree. i had a recent bummer when our lawn bastards cut down my allspice tree of 5 years growth!

  3. Alison Jory

    I don’t think it gets warm enough here for indigo but the woad grows like mad. I love that tree, reminds me of a baobab. They both have legs! A wandering tree – how wonderful, or wanderful.
    How did you get that semicircular shadow Jude?

  4. Oh that’s the best and has me wondering! I am going to not harvest some of my indigo in batches, just grow a few for seed. I think that will work. Good morning!

    • jude

      Yeah, there is way too much growing here. It is actually a great plant just growing. It was a cold winter but so many seeds sprouted.

  5. Vi

    …and a heart felt “Good Morning” to you too!
    Your work has opened up my world of seeing…
    An indogo plant growing like that…wow!

  6. roslyn cook

    My indigo has come along also, from last years seed. Such a hardy plant. Now to learn to work with it. It makes me happy to grow it.

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