jude hill spirit cloth


a fragment of my imagination , at sunrise.

a little light, through cloth.

Simply,  Reach.


  1. Cheyenne

    I was just getting out my watercolors and pad when I thought back to your Simply cloth – and i thought how that piece could be an inspiration for a painting. the colors seem almost like watercolors….

  2. Dhyana

    …. I like this simplicity. The clear repetition and contrasts are soothing.
    I have been working with small patches and after seeing this I want to go larger too. Please let me know the size of these patches ?
    Thank you for your blog. It is a wonderful world there.

  3. Love your imagination fragment 💙

    A little light has reached us today… we’re celebrating….the narcissist (baby trump as I used to call him), has been forced to resign. Huge sighs of relief for now.

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