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After a time

I simply had to laugh.  All the trimming we have done here and already the sumac has grown back in the field of ferns.  Throwing shade on the garden.  And tree guy says... everything grows back, there is no stopping that.  Keep an eye on it, let it be, or get a chain saw , or  pay me, I don't mind.

Growing here has taken off.  In all directions. I can actually catch it in motion. But I have no real control. Food?  No handle on that yet.  New place, new learning.  I am going to test the ph of the soil.  And pull out all of the sumac babies that sprung up over night,



It's been hot.  I have been bitchy.  Confused, depressed, but mostly staring into space.

The grow cloth is back on that round glass table that is now out on the porch.  The one that was used to create the big circle stitched on it.

Maybe it was meant to be a "Table Cloth".

I think of Dana.

It was too hot to sleep,  we talked about moving far away.  Like  leaving the country. We came away with some ideas.  Then, finally,  through the thick  dark, a cool breeze and some rain.  And now humidity from hell.  But  growing.  A nappy day on the porch I think.


  1. I see your scribbling as tendrils on diamond shaped leaves or petals. Using the same color and shades similar to the fabric will feel like the designs we see on leaves.

    • jude

      Yes, like that, I like to feel those lines on the underside of leaves. Maybe that’s what I like about stitched lines. You can feel them.

  2. Diane Kinsley

    Years ago a friend and I were at a plein aire art gathering, camping along the Missouri River. We had a cabin with a/c and it couldn’t keep up. It got to 121 degrees that day and was in the 90s that night we got a fan and soaked our t-shirts in the cooler and wore them to bed. It worked.

  3. Jeri

    The picture of the cloth and garden in the background looks so beautiful and conjures up such tranquility until I read on about the heat. I’ll never forget as a child with no ac, crying in the night because I was so hot… now I do have ac, don’t much care for it but will use it from time to time. It dries me out and so exchanges one problem for another.
    Sitting and staring is exchanged for playing silly video games on my phone.
    Moving in august and thinking about relearning ways of dealing with new surroundings… Going to be wonderful new adventures and a test of my patience at the same time.

    • jude

      heat and humidity annoy me as I age but really as a kid, never really found myself complaining. a sprinkler here now, now that we are far from the sea.

  4. Wyonne Bucheit Decorah Iowa

    I love everything in this sight your friends too. somehow I feel we share the same politics It is comforting so love your work. hard to comment because I like them all I lived up above a downtown store…butter would melt before we sat at the table. my mom invented COOLING. covered the skylight with newspaper. wow it was hot

  5. CJ

    We had a small lightweight MANTIS cultivator that would help extradite the invasives like no tomorrow. So easy to control and it could dig a 2 foot hole in seconds. It was my favorite garden tool. We fight palmettos now. Squirrels dig the roots for their nests. I fear 2024 like no tomorrow. My granddaughter moving to UK this summer for her MA to be a curator. If only!

  6. we just got back from the East Coast and yikes, the humidity! But there was also the moon and the sea, peaches and seafood, family and friends … it was all so good

    I’ve always stared into space … listening for answers that never seem to come, hearing only the endless turning of thoughts in my mind

    Your scribbled shapes feel like messages, sure to lead your mind this way and that as you stitch … may you find answers

    And Dana … 💕

    • jude

      yes, your pictures are marvelous…

      it looks like some secret alphabet in places.
      the man here has his own alphabet, he has been using since he was a kid.

      And Dana, yes…

  7. the humidity is kind to complexions but that heat makes me sleepy. i know a woman that shared this tip with me years ago. “put an ice cube in each side of your bra ” thank you aunty Myra. i added ,” if you have front pockets in your shorts, put one in each. repeat and replace as needed.”

  8. Jen

    In the low 90s here again, and what a RELIEF! (Ha)
    Pushing 100 degrees with high humidity was kickin’ my aging butt. Can’t believe I grew up here without a/c!! ( I bet we were some smelly kids HAHA!) ALWAYS trying to keep the overgrowth at bay, at least manageable here, so totally understand your sumac dilemma! Love the GROW cloth…I’m too burned-out( heat, politics etc)to attempt something big right now.
    I just flitter from thing to thing…not accomplishing much.
    My bitchy self says OH WELL! ha.
    Stay cool!!!
    ( Oh yes, to run away to….but where!? That soooo appeals….)

  9. Peggy McG

    I believe Sumac spreads through its root system. Dig deep. My kids grew up without A/C.. wet rags on neck and feet and a fan blowing on them so they could sleep. My husband and I had a waterbed.. unheated.

    • jude

      It’s a bit ok f a sumac forest here, spreads underground, trying to keep the tall ones at bay. Waterbed! Gosh that takes me back….

  10. Kathy

    We had no ac most of my life. Mom’s solution was filling a tub with cold water to stick her feet in while sitting on the porch. It cools your blood and circulates through your body. Definitely helps.

  11. 8 AM here and already 70 degrees and humid. Off work today. Picked my first raspberries and blueberries for breakfast. Just about to head out for another hour of gardening and then planning on spending the rest of the day on the front porch in the shade with a book and some sewing. We are supposed to have rain tomorrow.

  12. Joan Hinchcliff

    oh how I don’t envy you the humidity! We didn’t use to have humidity out here but the last few years we have certainly had a taste of it, I really don’t like it. The cloth looks so at home on your table, the green beauty in the cloth fits so well with the beauty of nature outside. outside

    • jude

      humidity is rough, especially as I age. but hey, a cold shower and a fan and I am good for a while.
      A cloth that fits, yes…

  13. That first, very green photo is stunning. These other expressions of yours…the down feelings, the urge to run away…these are things I understand well.
    HOT here too. 105 today. Apartment never cools anymore. Running the air conditioning is costly. We work around it the best we can. Even now 7:20am – it is 80 degrees in the house, morning air, while cooler – brings relentless allergies.
    Everything is a trade-off.

    I think of Dana too. Frequently go to her place to check. Seeing old comments from her on my blog makes me feel warm & fuzzy…and think of her all over.

    • jude

      105, not sure I have ever experienced that.
      I thought of here and thought yes, table cloth, why not? A table cloth might easily become a blanket if needed.

  14. Jana

    Heat, humidity. The very thought makes my brain go flat. I would be a puddle without the relief of air conditioning. Cooling air keeps me calm and tranquil.

    This beautiful cloth continues to unfold and envelope the senses. It is beautiful, Jude, just beautiful.

  15. Nancy D

    Same. Wanting to leave this country and where it’s headed. Big, beautiful Sunflower. Both in your Garden and in your Cloth.

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