jude hill spirit cloth


... and today I am just thinking about the nature of things.

We are having a heatwave. and you know what that makes me.


  1. We are experiencing a weird Summer over here, a grey morning to start off the day followed by a couple of humid and hot hours, 20 minutes torrential downpours, ending in a cool calm evening……. all in one day!

  2. samantha

    bitchy mcstitchy lol
    my edible and wildflower smothered garden is being decimated at the moment by deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds etc-everyone else just has grass and a sit on mower, so of course with the cold/ with the heat/ it’s like a free for all and I am the underdog-trying not to get disparaged -sending cool wishes to you

  3. Bene

    Sending cool thoughts from Ballarat in Australia ..we are in Winter, which l love having moved here from Western Australia with its constant heat…now l have 4 seasons back ☺
    Sorry for your country’s conflicts (l have an aunt and multiple cousins, plus nephew in various States over there) l am sustained by your posts and marvel at your skill and creativity. Mine is in a fallow period atm, as l contemplate turning 70..slightly surreal…the feathers are lovely. I have a collection, despite it being illegal, in this State, to gather feathers (or shells) go figure, laws are crazy….

  4. I don’t know how likely it is, but the first thing I thought was that someone was cleaning out the nest. And just as I wrote this, thought maybe a squirrel found an abandoned nest and was rummaging around.

    Is there anywhere in the US not in a heat wave? We’re going to be at 98° today. I’m just grateful I’m not still in VA where 98° was usually accompanied by 98% humidity. It’s only 24% here.

    • jude

      I did hear the flurry and frantic noise, something but maybe flew away.
      we have the humidity here, but now this morning, rain and cooler.

  5. Wyonne Bucheit Iowa

    I have an African Gray who flys where ever in this house she talks she is 18 years old. laid an egg in our bed the first time…I love birds I feed them year round. I see feathers too. Maya my parrot has red tail feathers sometime I will enclose one in a card By God some people better be ready to ADOPT

  6. Cj

    Perhaps a sign for the times. Glad you rescued these sacred gifts. Just coming off 115 heat index as if a mood couldn’t hurt even more. Grrr!

  7. Brenda McHale

    Here in Scotland it is cold and windy even though it is summer. Coolest June I remember. Had to put heating on to finish off my line dried washing. It was worth putting it on the line for the joy it gave me. You ladies seem sad today, hold firm to your joys whatever madness is going on round you.

  8. Sorry for the something that something happened to…but gosh those dove feathers are so pretty. We have lots of doves here and 100 degree heat too. Coworker in my classroom just found out she has covid…
    The hot heat (which we truly do get, all the time, over the years) just seems to add to the weight of the world.
    Yesterday at the dentist (crown, ugh) I lay back and look at the Big window at the shopping area across the street and the Brown mountain behind…you could see, feel the dryness and the heavy air (brownish as well)…

  9. Sue Facherty

    Wish I could send you a cool breeze. I complain when it gets to more than mid 20s here. Smallest granddaughter can’t control her body temperature – she’d be lost there.
    Poor feathered friends.

  10. Marti

    Won’t get above the mid 70’s here today in central New Mexico where I life due to the rains. We are in monsoon season and the rain is sorely needed but it brings concerns about flooding and mud slides due to the many fires that we have had and that continue. Rain cleanses, washes away stains and in a comment that I made on grace’s blog today, I added, but there is no stain removal for the Supreme Court 5!

    • Marti

      should read, where I live. And I should add that I do not count Roberts in the Supreme Court 5 even though he voted to end Roe v Wade because he did not want it to go as far as it did but he has lost control of the court- not excusing him just noting this.

  11. That’s probably why I live in Maine. We got to 85 yesterday, maybe hit 80 today. The feathers are really beautiful. At first, I thought they were watercolor.

    • jude

      they really felt painted yes, especially while wet, stuck to stones and leaves.
      didn’t have my camera. just gathered them.

  12. Nancy D

    Oh, we are, too, here in North Central Texas! Triple digits for days!!! I know that this happens every now and then, but somehow it’s different. My poor Gardens. Seems everything’s been changed since COVID. The Reckoning is upon us.

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