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So much to consider in so little time

more than just heart

I have put a place holder  for  Everything in Perspective in the Threadcrumbs shop today.  But I am not ready to release it yet.

I have cleaned up this site a bit.  There are two "zones" now.  Free ( yes more content will be added when I settle down) and Forever ( Free Enough)

The password associated and issued with the purchase of Part 4 of Patchwork in Perspective will work for all protected content in the Forever Zone. Forever. This will be a lot of things. All new content basically.  This will include Loose Pages, reworks of old classes, Loose Questions (new what-iffing), an audio series, Loose Thoughts, which is the continuation of thought catching,  an enhanced glossary as I continue to clarify my Spirit Cloth Language (and component system), the continuation of small cloth and large cloth, and weaving and working on paper.  I know it sounds like a lot, but there is a lot.

A discount will be issued for those who purchased Small Cloth, Part 2. And optional credit given to those who have generously donated and given support to my efforts here.

The Glossary has slid behind the scenes,  linked to the words underlined in red dots, scattered through out my posts..

The main menu has been simplified.  Some pages have been updated.

The site is now open, access to the free zone has been restored, but I have a bit more work to do behind the scenes... before beginning Forever.

I will create a landing page for the new series soon.  And I will talk about  all this stuff, to clarify because I know I can get confusing.

Thank you for your patience.


  1. Oh it’s been a rough week and this is certainly encouraging and joy filled news! Thank you so much for all you do. Sending love, hugs and strength for you to getterdone! Until then….❤️

  2. Must be such a wonderful feeling clarifying all that you have gathered together. We are so fortunate to be able to benefit from all your teachings in one space.
    Much gratitude for your light on the path.

  3. Sue

    Thank you. I am muddly and times are twirly and I so want a clearer brain so I can dip into ‘weaving’ at last. Happy to wait forever for ‘forever’. So many plates to spin and ‘almost seventy’ is messing with my brain!

  4. Dale Odberg

    I like how the ‘more than just heart’ words pop over the top or bottom of the photo, now they have pooped away, maybe to return.

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