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So this is IT

The Forever Zone will be active in the shop soon.

You can sign up (or not) anytime really,  I think it will be easy to follow if and whenever you enter.

I have a landing page on the main menu to test your password.  Get in touch of you have questions. Be patient, I expect a lot of them. Questions.

I plan to begin slowly, with a welcome, on the 19th of February.

this is it

I will continue sharing deeper thoughts and process in a password protected area because something more intimate will make me feel freer.

The cost of the series is $120.00. A lifetime subscription, as long as that lasts. Yes, this is IT.

There is a discount code posted in Part 2 Small Cloth if you were part of that, if you don't see it, get in touch.

The final segment can be purchased  through the shop. Please contact me if you plan to  purchase  by donation or recurring donation ( if that works better for you.) Please know that if you use paypal, your access info will be sent to the email address associated with your paypal account unless you indicate otherwise. Remember to check that.

If you have already donated, please contact me to discuss credit against that.  As always if you are financially challenged, reach out.  Or I will, if I already know.  But hey, things change, eh?

As described in an earlier newsletter...

The password associated and issued with the purchase of Part 4 of Patchwork in Perspective will work for all protected content in the Forever Zone. Forever. This will be a lot of things. All new or reconsidered content basically.  This will include Loose Pages, reworks of old classes, Loose Questions (new what-iffing), an audio series, Loose Thoughts, which is the continuation of thought catching,  an enhanced glossary as I continue to clarify my Spirit Cloth Language (and component system), the continuation of small cloth and large cloth, and weaving and working on paper.  I know it sounds like a lot, but there is a lot.


  1. Helen Lee

    I’ll be joining on your birthday 💙
    This morning I was going through my baskets of stitch, and it was…’Jude taught me that, and this, oh! and this, and this too’…and on it went, and I was smiling.
    Thank you for everything. You are so loved in this house ❤

  2. Sharon+Koch

    this feels like opening the first page of a new book by my all-time favorite author, illustrator, photographer, quilter, weaver and yeah, hero… and then realizing there is no last page… that’s what forever means to me. and just to be sure i get to say this, i will love u forever, jude hill. thank u for doing this. x

  3. Forever. i thought about that all day. Forever. and yes. it sounds like a Lot. I don’t imagine what that might turn out
    to be, a Lot….i’ll just wait. Watch it all unfold. as you go.
    i also thought about only one amount of 120.00, for Forever. for a Lot. it’s not enough. am thinking that as it goes
    along, the 120 can be repeated as each of us can, the donate button. That’s what would be Fair.
    i have gotten a sense, as you have worked toward this, about what all this means to you. All that you have to give, all
    that you WANT to give. to spin it Out , like a web…strand to strand making sure each connection is firm and good. Can
    Hold. Can hold you can hold Us can hold it all.
    it’s been a long time i have been here. So much of Here has become my Life. I am cloth. Cloth is me. and all from you.
    so there is anticipation of what all is ahead, but there is also a sensitive tenderness…tearfelt….about it all. that this is
    the HomeStretch, I love you Jude Hill

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