Patchwork in Perspective Ongoing

A series that I considered my last online teaching adventure. Paused because of a relocation. And then I got lost in the shuffle.

Now I will continue.

Part 1-THOUGHT CATCHING - (No longer available separately for registration, will be re-engineered and included in Part 4 as basically an audio series.)  Just an overview of my philosophy, approach to journaling, making and style, materials, tools, catching ideas and sharing and even a bit about copying and selling. How it might have happened that I am here. How I continue. And how much you ragmates are pert of that.

PART 2- SMALL CLOTH - Puzzle Pieces and Loose Patches   (Available again in the shop soon because you asked)
This part of the series is technique based focusing on hand piecing, Spirit Cloth Style, and also creating less structured loose stitched patches , both part of a component system that might encourage story and the creation and building of a larger cloth. To be continued with part 4.

PART 3- LARGE CLOTH was started out in the open on my blog  and will be reorganized and continued in part 4

PART 4...EVERYTHING IN PERSPECTIVE   aka THE FOREVER ZONE.    A new plan for just going. Not a class really,  just access to  Password Protected content on  this site, a deeper place. Registration is open . Sign up anytime.   Please subscribe to the Newsletter to stay updated.

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This is IT!

Part 4,The Forever Zone

Everything in Perspective