Final Online Sharing Series

This Series will be my last Online Class Adventure.  It's not Free,  but it's way Free Enough. I'm getting old and that is just the way it needs to be.  I call it

Patchwork in Perspective

The series has 9 parts, each might be stand alone, although they belong together.  You may sign up anytime  for any parts of the series once they become available. Interaction is not required.  You may communicate with the group or simply stay quiet.   Work on your own.   Materials will remain available  with no time limit.


Sign Up

and Payment

There are three options to sign up

  • Make a donation through Paypal ( link here) and then use the contact form . Indicate which part you are subscribing to.  And your active email address I will respond within 24 hours with your password... Please check your spam folder if you do not hear from me.  Emails with links and passwords are often flagged as spam.


  • Mail a check  to Jude Hill     PO Box 387       Centerport, New York     USA      11721-0387 Please include your email address and a note about which part you are subscribing to


  • Use the contact form to arrange a payment plan or just ask how


Part 1

 Thought Catching- the birth of story 

Introduction to Patchwork in Perspective (a nine part) Series 2019 - 2020. Hosted online on private pages, password issued with sign up.  No forum. Audio, Video, PDF.

Just an overview of my philosophy, approach to making and style, materials, tools, catching ideas and sharing and even a bit about selling. How it might have happened that I am here.

Late enrollment now open

Price: $35.00 or what you can handle , honestly.

Start date: April 1, 2019 -  May 30, 2019 or as long as it takes.

Requirements: Eyes, Ears, Loose Thoughts, maybe pencil and paper. Thread and needle.

Part 2

Puzzle Pieces - small cloth and the component system...

Price not listed yet, Details soon enough.


Part 3

Composition - building a story

Price not listed yet, Details soon enough.

Parts 4-9

We'll see...

Price not listed yet, Details soon enough.