Final Online Sharing Series

This Series will be my last Online Class Adventure.  It's not Free,  but it's way Free Enough. I'm getting old and that is just the way it needs to be.  I call it

Patchwork in Perspective

The series has 9 parts, because of life's ups and downs,  The series now has 3 parts as of 5/22/2019...each might be stand alone, although they might work together.   Interaction is not required.  You may communicate with the group or simply stay on your own.   Materials will remain available  with no time limit.  There are no forums associated with this series  but a private Facebook page has been set up  to interact, not required.

AUDIO- Again


Sign Up

and Payment

There are three options to sign up

  • Mail a check  to Jude Hill     PO Box 387       Centerport, New York     USA      11721-0387 Please include your email address and a note about which part you are subscribing to
  • Use the contact form to arrange a donation, payment plan or negotiate a lesser price  due to financial difficulty.  It's OK.

Part 1

In process as of 4/1/2019

Sold Out

Can be purchased together with Part 2 at a discount  HERE.

 Thought Catching- the birth of story 

Introduction to Patchwork in Perspective (a nine part) Series 2019 - 2020. Hosted online on private pages, password issued with sign up.  No forum. Audio, Video, PDF.

Not a prerequisite for parts 2 and 3.   Each part might stand alone.

Just an overview of my philosophy, approach to making and style, materials, tools, catching ideas and sharing and even a bit about selling. How it might have happened that I am here.

Price: $35.00 or what you can handle , honestly.

Start date: April 1, 2019 - and seems to have no end date at this point really.  Thoughts keep getting caught.

Requirements: Eyes, Ears, Loose Thoughts, maybe pencil and paper. Thread and needle or whatever works for you to get your thoughts out.

Part 2

Went on sale  May  25, 2019

Sign up anytime HERE.



I've combined part 2 and 3  into what I call

SMALL CLOTH:  Puzzle Pieces  and Loose Patches -

This part of the series  is technique based  and will focus on  hand piecing, Spirit Cloth Style,  and  also creating less structured loose stitched patches , both part of a component system that might encourage  story and the creation and building of a larger cloth.   Small Cloth will begin on July  1  and continue at a slow pace through the summer months and into Autumn,  ending in late October.

Price $70.00 ( $20.00 Discount  will be given to those enrolled in Part 1)


Part 3

Sale of Part 3  will be announced in late Autumn

Building a Bigger Cloth - arranging and composing with  small cloth.

This part of the series  will begin in Winter.  Start date to be announced.  It will run through  February until my 69th birthday, and then I will quietly disappear from the crazy internet life.

Price : $45.00 ( $10.00 discount issued to those enrolled in any previous parts of the series)