Part 1

Patchwork in Perspective part 1

Thought Catching the Birth of Story

Please Note, this segment of Patchwork in Perspective was hosted  in 2019-2020. I have opened it for purchase so it might be reviewed by those who did not take part before I continue with the series starting in February of 2022. Therefore some content may be not relative like the Facebook group page and suggested hashtags  for sharing. Please then, if you are new here, just focus on the content and not the news updates that might be included here. Thank you.



Links to all content associated with part 1 will be listed below. Pages/links on this site open up in separate windows. Pages remain open until you use the corresponding tab up top to close them,  meaning more than one page will remain open at a time so you can go back and forth if you like.

Content is listed below,  organized by month.

July 2019

   A Looser Connection

7/10/19  Softening Edges

  7/17/19  Considering Edge (again)

  7/31/19  Nothing to say?


August 2019


  Catching Waves

September and

October 2019

  Don't Worry



NEW Just-ness