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Yeah, so OK

As most of you know, I jump through hoops to share content on this crazy technology web.  The problems never cease.  This week, it was WordPress.  With a new comment issue.  And you know, you think, oh forget this, I give up.

But as our friend Grace says (and does), No te Rindas!  Don’t give up!

She, Singing Woman, is not done yet, not even close

she just had a dip in the indigo vat and is feeling refreshed…

So the thing is…my way

For those of you who already signed up for the Forever Zone,  you may experience a commenting issue on the Landing Page, or not.  The issue seems to be with Chrome.  I think I have found a solution for now, with no help from WordPress (yet) I might add.  Over the years I have become almost an expert at troubleshooting and know when to move on.  I will probably create a new landing page soon if I have to.

This week I will be doing some tests on posting public and private content, so if you are subscribed here, be patient with me. I will  also be talking about changes to this site to accommodate new teaching. Unsubscribe if you are tired of hearing about it.  This is a community and we need to solve problems  together.

I am using a different editor here, let’s see how this looks. (🙄)

I am still on track to begin on February 19th, ever so slowly.


  1. l

    just gotta say, never have I ever used a template or a program without wanting to tweak it to suit me … always a perilous choice, but you gotta do what you gotta do … onward!

  2. Jana

    Singing Woman looks even more magnificent (if that’s possible) after her dip in the indigo sea. Love the audio bytes. Thanks for every little thing in word and deed that you do.

  3. Wtrstone (Kat)

    I am amazed at all that you have produced and shared over the years, I have followed your blog sporadically for quite some time and continue to be inspired, encouraged, challenged and comforted by what you share,

    Thank you for your persistence , technology is so fickle yet fabulous. Am excited to more actively share this journey now at this point in my life.
    hey ho!

  4. deemallon

    WordPress. Blah! I’ve done okay on it but when there’s a problem, it’s tough. I don’t know ho much sewing I’ll be doing along with the posts, but I’m excited to join in anyway.

  5. Darcy

    I don’t remember how I found you, but I’ve been lurking for quite a while. I adore everything about this. I love your teaching style and the way you converse. I am definitely here to stay.

  6. kaite matilda

    I love your platform also Jude, it is personal and gentle, not cold and impersonal like some are and you don’t have an outspoken marketing manager up front in control. I hardly ever comment but I am here, waving 👋 quietly from Australia. Don’t over stress yourself, it will happen when it happens and in the present moment when it does. Love to you 💙

  7. Julie Windred

    Nevertheless she persisted…….
    I love your platform, it is like no other I have experienced- intimate and I have a feeling of genuine from it. As if, from here in Australia, I am part of your community. It keeps me interested and looking forward to more of your art and your teaching. I sit with my morning cuppa and watch and listen with delight.
    I love your little voice recordings, I love reading comments from folks, and I especially love the methods and the art work in progress that you share.
    I appreciate your persistence. I am hopeful that we can continue to hear from you here.

  8. Jen

    Hey, Ho
    In spite of all the crap, away we go…
    With you in spirit with all this tangled technology web of tattered threads.
    Not tired of listening, just wish I had magic wand to fix it all for you (& us, ha!)
    Somehow, some way…
    Hey, Ho!

  9. I feel that the struggle to continue is all part of the aging process, as well as technology, pandemics and all other challenges that face us in trying to communicate our vision.
    I’ve decided that resilience is my word for 2022, admirably displayed here. Gold medal for you 🏅🏅🏅

  10. Amy P Kennedy

    Thanks for facing the tech struggles for our benefit, Jude. I hope you don’t stress about it. We’ll see it when we see it.

  11. Frances

    You told me once you never give up on fabric…and so by my interpretation and extension, sharing your knowledge… you are the Giver of Knowledge and will not yield to obstacles!! (Pep talk for thank you and please continue).

  12. Hey ho. It’s about saying what you want to say in the way you want to say it. Before discussion and other views join in. Rather than fitting your very fine process and experience to another format no matter how sophisticated that format may be. I admire all the ways you have worked around existing technologies. Personally, I don’t publish anything online but have found, with a recently upgraded computer and all the upgrades Microsoft makes to its products, that even privately I have to be firm and attentive to disallow input to what I am writing. Using a Word document the other day I found that the thing had gone so far beyond spell and grammar check (which I loathe anyway) to actually suggesting the next word or phrase! and I spent valuable time figuring out how to disable that. Creative and mindful flow is constantly being interrupted by gadgety helpfulness from faceless programmers.

  13. Alison TS

    I feel your pain. :} I’ve only just got sound back and for a while there was using subtitles on lots of things. I even watched Casablanca on Iplayer with subtitles and the pause and replay button. . We adapt and cope. I have moved (with cat) four times in the last four years and I often think about Grace in her caravan. Thank you for continuing and taking us along with you.

  14. I love that you are doing all you can within your space! I’m a long time blogger.com user, but I am not trying to do all you do with your space. I wish you all the best, and know whatever happens, it will always be a delight to visit your site and partake in all your lovely work. I adore “Singing Woman”! I create a lot of Spirit dolls, and she reminds me of them, but oh, so much more elegant!

  15. I’ve taken a lot of classes on different platforms and they all have their problems. I find that the ones I stay with I figure out because I like the content. I applaud your persistence. I’ve pretty much let my blog go because I can’t wrap my head around the tech stuff. So applaud you even more! Hey Ho!

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