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My love has its own logic and you are part of it.Good Morning,

At least it is here.  The weather has warmed and I feel more alive than I have in months.

Yesterday was a confusing day. I apologize, I was simply testing stuff I had been told by WordPress help. I like to know first hand, and not assume anything will just be as explained.

Things have evolved, but I think they are as they will be now.  So let me simplify what is happening here. At Feel Free.

Spirit Cloth is hosted on Typepad and there are issues. I am moving content here.  To Feel Free, which for me, is far from free.

There is no password to access this site.

If you get these newsletter posts by email, you have subscribed to the free content on this site. Yesterday, I was simply testing password protected posts and what I had been told about them.  (I have deleted them) I do not plan to use that format.  No one is shut out from the email subscription. You do not need a password to read the blog/ newsletter here.

There is free content on this site which includes free classes, based on previous workshops, 5 of them, they cover a lot of my methods and techniques. This morning I removed the password requirement because I resolved the spam issue.  All free and open now. Come and go as you please.

There is also the Methods Index which I will continue to build, extracting from the Spirit Cloth blog and other classes to round out my general approach. I will be back to that soon.

There is also a Glossary that has slid behind the scenes and now provides links to additional content as it is added.  ( those words underlined in little red dots. ) Keep an eye on them.

This Free Content is my gift. Enough to get you started and even, maybe, to keep you going. The reason I created this site.

But a woman cannot live on thread alone. And so there is Free Enough.

Free Enough includes some classes that are not free, listed in the shop as Online Instruction.  Except for Patchwork in Perspective they are not hosted here.  They come with a link, a username and password, which is issued with purchase.

Patchwork in Perspective Ongoing is listed under Free Enough. The Forever Zone is the last leg of that.  Simply explained it is IT. My last adventure in sharing Everything. Not a class in the classic sense but a way to compile and reconsider all that I did, do, and continue to do. It is a huge undertaking and it is not Free ( as always, I will negotiate). And it is and will remain password protected. Consider baring your soul without that. In this crazy world.

And that’s it. I was going to talk. But I got interrupted.



  1. Wow!!!! So much here…all of your behind the scenes hard work, all of the plans, all of the folks ready & excited to be here…what Grace said, home – all will be well (even through glitches!). Thank you Jude, so much. I’m so grateful I followed the article in Quilting Arts to your site and without planning, came home.

  2. Vi

    I think what really wanted to say, is what Jeri said….
    Yes, you have sustained me during some very tough times…more than you can ever know. Thanks.
    Yes, a woman can’t live by thread alone….:) So well said, Jude.
    Appreciative of your hard work and laughter!

  3. Vi

    I read your post slowly and my eyes get rounder and rounder in utter amazement! !! Your generous spirit is incredible…
    You , your words and your work has got me started on this journey of cloth and thread ….an adventure which quietly thrills …..and makes me smile.
    Thank you , Jude for your gift.
    The gift of cherishing.
    The space you offer here is precisely that….a cherished space. ..So very rare today.

  4. Jen

    Always, I am amazed by what you do, what you bring, what you give– with all your 💜
    I am grateful.
    Many deep thank-yous, Jude.
    You know we are all in awe.

  5. Julie Windred

    Thankyou for your gift.
    Thankyou also for continuing classes which I am absolutely happy to pay for, and are well priced in so as far as what I gain from them – and from being there with you.

  6. The Forever Zone is lost somewhere in my inability to navigate the computer. Please resend the information to one who is 78 years old and computer illiterate. Your handwork is inspiring as well as this comment section. I have followed you for a long time and appreciate the free aspect of your posts. I fully understand the need for a bit of monetary support as
    cat food and fabric are expensive. 🙂

  7. Darcy

    I’m glad it’s starting to work out. WordPress can be so frustrating. I’m going to be taking a class on it before I start my website for herbs and whatnot. The Forever Zone and everything here will be my relaxing place, my learning place. I am 61 and just started learning how to quilt, but then I saw, or was referred to your site by someone and what you do and teach grabbed my heart so much more.

    Thank you so very much.

  8. Mart Gooch

    I’m glad you share all the ups and downs/ hard work in sharing on these websites. Many of us enjoy and use, but have no sense of time/effort it takes! Thank you

  9. Amy

    It’s warmer here, too. I also am enjoying that “more alive” feeling.
    “But a woman cannot live on thread alone.” Thanks for that, and for facing all of this tech. I thought I’d better print this post out on a piece of paper for future reference so I can keep straight which treasures are located where. Thanks, Jude!

  10. Happy day Jude, I just want to say that I am new to your work and am now happily a student of yours.

    I heard a call from my spirit guides to learn to speak through cloth, to take some of the visions out of my head and into fabric (I am 33 years old and have been sewing sine I was 12 or 13 so I suppose that’s 20 years of working with cloth but it very much feels like a new beginning).

    I thank you for all that you share & the beautiful playful, authentic way you share it.

  11. gosh, the work involved to keep this going
    I agree with Velma, this would have set me running in the other direction, very grateful you continue to make the effort and share your knowledge!….find myself more and more off-line when it comes to work, meeting up with people in the flesh now that society is opening up again;
    love to you Jude

  12. Jeri

    This is my favorite place to be.
    Thanks for all your hard work, and there’s been a lot of it.
    I can see a lot of people love you and love it here, you have been extremely generous with your time and knowledge. I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart. I know of no one else that has created an online space like this. It is special here.
    You have sustained me during a very hard time and I much appreciate your giving.
    I’m looking so forward to the new lessons!

  13. Velma Bolyard

    wow, all this makes me dizzy just reading about it! you are a witch or a genius or an alchemist…and more. i would have run away. glad you’re here, though!

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