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February Thaw


It's early February and after a February-like January, we seem to be warming up like a January thaw. It's a sloppy spongy mess but it is an awakening all the same. Everything that knows how to sing seems to be singing, even me.
This is  a blog style post.  It comes to you the same way, by email. But it will be listed separately in the sidebar on the site itself, under Feel Free Blog as opposed to Feel Free Newsletter.  Both are there, in case you want to browse separately between News and creative content.  Going forward there will be more of a difference. Occasionally there will be a little Moon, like this:

just a link to the Forever Zone Landing page as a test, for now

And that just means there is a link to the Forever Zone in the post. If you are part of that it will probably take you on another small journey. I thought the little Moon might be a good symbol for Forever.

I had been fooling around with clouds,  they take a while so not too many yet, and I have some new ideas for shaping them.

While playing with patches this morning, I suddenly began to consider trees.

Some sort of Natural Order , I suppose.

I suddenly thought of a tree as a grounded cloud. Or a path from earth to sky. As always, a million images have formed in my head.

I used fold and stitch here. To build my base.  I have a lot more to say about fold and stitch.  ( I am trying to remember to make the words that take you somewhere green, Green for Go.


  1. Kristin

    We’re having a few warmer days, melting the foot and a half of icy snow, trees show signs of waking up, a new round of snowy days to begin on Tuesday… a most unusual winter here in the west slope of the Rockies. Have had four days now where I could sit on the deck, listening to the birds and sketching. Snow will send me back inside to stitch for a week or so ❄️🌨🌧☃️🌬💖💖

  2. sharon

    would love to simply watch you play… dipping in the vat, mumbling as you fold ‘n stitch… nothing pre-meditated, just leaving the camera on, letting us witness your process. raw. uncut. pure jude. x

  3. Jen

    Love all the POSSIBILITIES slowly awaking in your yard, and soon to be Springing Forth! Yay…
    You fence to keep the wild critters out, we must fence to keep our “wild” (not really!) hens out, ha!
    Love, love the tree thoughts… I’ve always had a thing for trees…and sky, and flowers, and leaves, and yeah….Nature. But…TREES!
    (it’s going to be really hard to stay indoors very very soon)

  4. that tree is mind-blowingly beautiful & sweet; am very impressed by wooden structure on the right…….
    like Helen we have lots of green on our side of the pond, not to mention browns in all the muddy shades imaginable…..fortunately lots of snowdrops too! and soon daffodils!

    • jude

      yeah, simple is just such a relief lately.

      built the garden fence in late summer to keep the deer out. still need some wire fencing around the bottom half to keep out the groundhogs. we are considering , eventually, enclosing part of it like a greenhouse.
      ( much considering will never more than that)
      mud, everywhere mud.

  5. Helen Lee

    Years ago we lived overlooking a woodland, and the trees often looked as though they had created misty clouds floating around their crowns. I used to say ‘Look…the trees are breathing’.
    Love your cloud tree.
    Storm woke me up in the early hours…it’s still going. I’m sending you some of our green…we have loads enough to share!

  6. Jacqui

    Your cloth reminds me of the fungi doco on Netflix, I watched yesterday. How trees communicate with each other via mycelium, we are all connected.

  7. like sailors…navigating maps and design…. maybe i’ll make myself a
    hat of some sort…a sailors hat.

    you are prepared this season…for your Growing. Thank you for
    picturing this. a Navigational point in my mind

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