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Hello not spring…

oh c'mon...

February's Mood

and I looked out the window...

So Really.  Here we are again. They predicted a flurry but NOT.  I stitched this stray self base last night but this morning, the face (need to talk more about faces) and the snow moon. It's ok, I need a couple of days to rearrange the furniture a bit, set up a place to do some video.   The stray cat thing, I wonder why I use cats so much, maybe I know them after so many years.  I don't know any beast as well as I know cats.  But lately I am thinking maybe more human, more me, would be a better starting point.  Actually a stack of squares could become anything. Maybe even a TREE!

My thoughts are light today, like the puffy snow.  I drift.  Melt into tomorrow.

I have  basically moved blogging to here, for now, with thoughts of making the Spirit Cloth blog into a gallery. We'll see.  I am preparing to make my first post in the Forever Zone  on Saturday.   I will put up a  more "newsy" letter soon.  Pieces of a puzzle are finally settling out. The Zone, not a  "class"  but a deeper place. It feels as though it could be that.  Thank you so much for being travelling companions. Now to shovel snow. 🙄


  1. CJ

    Staring at your photo makes me dream of standing under those limbs, slapping them so they dump all over me. I’ve been stuck in the south too long.

  2. Jana

    The ears are delicate. The greens soothing – spring harbingers? Peering up at the moon. And at the snow. Again? she says. (smile) Lovely piece and lovely photo. Winter-into-Spring. Magical season.

  3. Jeri

    Your posts always get me thinking.
    Do we need a reason for why we gravitate to something? Can we just?
    Maybe it starts with just doing and then the act comes to the front of our mind and that’s when we start questioning why.
    To learn more about self. We could call it growth.

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