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Trying to Give it Form

love is not silly. or easy. love has become trivialized. how sad.

Probably, I will be able to describe my Forever Series in some understandable way. Soon.

I still expect to be able to begin on February 19th.

I hope to list the series for registration, in the shop,  by Tuesday.

Recurring  donations (or one-time donations already made in 2022)  to Feel Free will be credited against the purchase of this series.

Please contact me with questions regarding how that might work.

I love you.

This morning, questions.

Do I have the energy?

What will this segment of Patchwork in Perspective be?

Everything in Perspective
I think it will be
The slowing down.
The unscripted.
The unsaid.
The undone.
The gathering of selves.
The deeper.

But mostly it will be
The letting go.
The letting go we associate with ownership.
You might get this just by me saying it. or I might (need to) say more. For you to understand.
I'm old. Not in any negative sort of way. I look forward to becoming older, if I can.
But I want to pass on my thoughts, methods, imaginings.
There is so much further these things might be taken.
I want to say..."run with it, you have my blessing".

It will be The Fading Away. With as much grace as I might muster.
In Perspective...
The I Just Don't Know.
But there is a Sense of OK.


  1. Dearest Jude — at 78, I share many of the feelings/thoughts you express so beautifully. Thank you for giving them voice. I’ve been drawn to the Old Woman archetype much of my life. Now I get to live into it in a different way. What a privilege it is to be able to grow older and (we hope!) wiser. 🙂

  2. Sharon+Koch

    how love is the slowing down, the unscripted, the unsaid, the undone, the gathering of selves, the deeper, the letting go… how your love is deeply felt in the ongoing giving of self to the one and to all. how love truly puts everything in perspective. love u.

  3. jeri

    “The letting go”. This means so much to me right now. My time has come and I’ve been doing a lot of letting go and it feels so right. Thanks for sharing bits of your letting go along your way, showing us how good that can be. Less IS so much more. ❤️

  4. Caro

    I love you
    Boy i did not know but i needed that.
    Thank you
    I have been fasting. Words.
    Looking at your photos but no words.
    Todays post broke the fast.
    And yes i have been very confused with the news about the new class. So i decided to let time pass, stop reading the words and just be with it, trust.
    Have a love filled day!

  5. pat cooper

    May I please have a password to get to the free classes? I am intrigued by your innovative, subjective approach to things
    and I love the little side bar comments when I hover over certain words

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