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Old Heart

Heart.  I had been considering a series for Valentine's Day, My love Isn't Perfect. But not too much new work is happening at the moment. Deep winter is more work than anticipated.

Now thinking My Love Is Old.  No holiday association.  I'm gathering thoughts on how to continue here.  So that my heart remains in it.  These last days, I have simply been practicing how to be here.  Posting to figure out what might work.  I think I need another week.  Thank you for your patience.  Content is coming, because that is the point.  This place lay quiet for so many months, I literally forgot what was here. Much of it still invisible and unpublished.  And now stuff I will bring from the old blog is being added.  Because I will. Move. Bring what I love.  Continue.

It's all good for the circulation, change, reconsidering.

Just Going. Keeps the old heart beating.

I added a resource page to the menu. It is incomplete but I'm working on it.

I found an old heart, which is appropriate, I guess.  I like it still. There is a technique here I will talk about soon.

I am reading through my Old Heart Diaries.  Will bring them here soon enough. In new form,

On an old dresser that was here when I moved in, stuff I brought here. Plus a lot of dust and a recently gifted whisker.

Soul-o is on the worktable. On the keyboard actually.  He stays close by. I have a touchscreen option so I let him stay.  Reach over him.  Talk to him by reading out loud as I type.

So I have work to do. More snow coming and I am almost 70.

But I'm good. Hope you are too.



  1. Martina

    Hello Jude, I found your blog a month ago and I´m excited with it. Your work is enchanting. I´m glad you are here. Because of the time difference (we have + 6 hours here) I can see in the afternoon or evening that you have a new post, but I let it for next morning, because it´s wonderful to look forward to read it 🙂

  2. Hazel

    Your photo of the dresser top collection looked like some kind of old Victorian/steampunk machine at first glance, like a time machine. Which I suppose a collection of anything is. Sometimes I feel like a time machine, too.

  3. Jen NyBlom

    Sometimes, I think, coming to this place, is the best part of my day. It softens the edges, warms my heart. I LOVE the idea of hearts on sleeves…( My mother always used to tell me to “not wear your heart on your sleeve”)….well, Dammit! I’m going to stitch TONS of hearts on the sleeves of my robe! Ha.

  4. Sharon Koch

    my heart leapt when i spotted your spinning wheel. what if u wove a heart? this new format feels cozy, almost book-like. after i read your words several times ‘n ponder them, i click on the pics with equal wonder. thank u for creating this magical portal. x

  5. Today I am 68 and feel lots of hearts. Sharing it with my husnand, 94 year old mum, son and grandchildren. What more can a gal need? I think I’ll add hearts to my emerging cat quilt. I brought along a strip of red. Will be giving up 3 days work soon…only because i want to focus on other things more…like family and stitching. I’m looking forward to your blog content returning…I already miss your jumbled menu on the left hand side. It’s like a reference book for my stitching. Keep plugging away and save as much as you can for us followers and listeners.

  6. Rita

    I love your ramblings and thoughts, someone said “going down a bunny trail”. Isn’t is wonderful to be able to muse and look at our lives and what our dreams are at this stage. I have decided that in my 70’s that I have reached “the time of the crone”. Such a peaceful place. I am inspired by your work, your heart and your comments. You make me breathe deep, thank you. So glad I found you. Blessings, Nedra

  7. cednie

    Your old heart had me rummaging through a pile of cloth looking for some old worn scraps. Got distracted by something else (?) but I do want to make a lovely heart (or two) like that to wear on my sleeves.

  8. Paula

    Hi! Jude! One of the joys of my current life is puttering around and looking and thinking that something could be done and then knowing that if I go off on a bunny trail what I left behind is still there to be done another day. On my bedroom door I have hung a piece you did many years ago and it includes five glorious, wondrous red hearts. I am still totally enchanted every time I take the time to really see it . . . . Thank you for these moments of contented peace . . . .

  9. snicklefritzin43

    Slowly moving along with you as you share the story of process, change, just being is exactly what I enjoy from you, my friend. Seventy was just the beginning of some incredible shifts in perspective for me…sailing on through seventy seven is a good place for my journey…rough, challenging, learning year has brought much delight and the changes are comfortable.

  10. Good enough here. We are snowed in for the first time in quite a few years. It would take a lot of effort in the cold and snow to get out. Deer are eating tree twigs and birds are flocking to the feeders. Have been thinking of adding a heart to the sleeve of my robe.

  11. Carol

    I love your treasures and the fact that some treasures were left behind by the previous occupants. Everything takes time, patience and ‘heart’. Sometimes it takes longer than we expect but it’s all good and you’re on a journey, not a sprint and I’m sure we all can understand that everything does take time.

  12. Janice

    It’s lovely to hear from you – thank you for sharing your thoughts. In this strange disjointed time, all contact is particularly welcomed. ❤️

  13. Juliann

    My old man cat started being close to me in the last 3-4 years of his life. I missed the warrior years, but knew he needed me more. They are the best friends we can have.

  14. I keep this tiny message sitting on my desk: “Goodness is constantly coming my way, so I can relax and enjoy life.” It makes me drop my shoulders and relax my stomach. Little touch of Soul-o is adorable.

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