jude hill spirit cloth


The Magic Cloth.  A Larger Cloth, in a sense, without using measurement. In the classic sense. I took Magic outside yesterday for a snow wash. I spent a couple of hours shoveling  a path to the compost. I try to be outside, despite the cold, at least a couple of hours a day.  To move.  It feel like I moved to Alaska.  Or at least how I imagine that to be.

Magic, have I ever measured it?  Too long ago to remember. I measured it. Not square. 70" x 62".  Seems , like I said, larger.  I will make it square.  I like square and how it relates to circle.


Time to reconnect.


A trip down Memory Lane then, July 2011. Wow.


  1. Hi Jude. I really enjoyed watching your video and how you explain your work and your thoughts, thanks for sharing. I also started my cloth from a central point, although at the time I did not know that it would become a bigger piece…we all have to start somewhere, to begin. I am new to stitching freehand, and find it equally intimidating and liberating all at the same time! i often find myself ‘what iffing’ these days, and have you to thank for that…so many thanks, as always.

  2. I so enjoyed watching this and seeing your thought process. I just love love love this cloth and if I ever sit down and hand sew again, this will be my inspiration.

    I totally agree about gaps in working on something. The energy changes considerably and I don’t know that this is a bad thing. Sometimes it just wasn’t ready to be born yet.

  3. Shelly S.

    I have loved this cloth too. I often find myself looking at the magic cloth tag just to visit it. I am glad to see it back and excited to see the new additions to it. 💙xx

  4. lynn legge

    i am always inspired at your talent and whimsy. it brings sunshine to my life..being wheelchair bound
    in this covid crazy time…thank you

  5. 10 years makes it sound so long, but is it? I don’t see you as chubby then, just familiar, just Jude of Just Going. I remember the changeable center and how I loved that idea. And velvet 🙂 I’m grateful for all of these years Jude.

  6. Pam S.

    Love hearing your beginning process, and love the aged version of the magic cloth with the cutouts and adding rust, tan colors …. aged cloth look. Gorgeous 💙

  7. grace

    10 yrs, and for me those years float much larger in my life…float above chronology, the years like
    cloth itself, woven, collaged
    the Spirit Cloth years, how cloth became the Center, remains the Center

  8. Such inspiration! I’d like to someday hear more about your preference for square over rectangular. Nearly any quilt (or afghan/throw) that we can purchase that’s not meant as a wall hanging is rectangular. Just curious.

  9. how to put things together when there are so many working parts … so many components … it’s overwhelming when ideas flow to the point of spilling over the rim (said the woman with a very large cloth that is sitting untouched)

    I’m tempted to say that the diaries and classes stand up well to the test of time just as they are … and yet the revisionist writer in me understands the very real impulse to re-envision how things could have gone, could still go, in a new direction (I almost said “better” but thought the better of it … ha)

    so just this then: may you be happy … may you enjoy the ride wherever it takes you (and us)

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