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The picture at the top was drawn by my son, obviously many years ago.  The wishing star from Henrietta,  the elephant by Maura.  You may not know them.  But maybe now, a bit more,  just by looking.

Today it is very cold.  I will go out and haul some wood up to the front porch for some exercise.  And take down the birdfeeders and clean them, which I do often to prevent disease.  I have a lot of things on the walls now, that  are not made by me.  I have removed a lot of my own work.  For a change.  Still in the process of painting the walls white here. I like them white.

Before I continue here... because Here is now my official place as opposed to There... I want to ask a few questions.  My blog is a daily journal more or less.  Is  less often better?  I suppose this year I will be finishing up a few large cloths,  or actually simply working on them.  Usually when I am Just Going, I bump into the many techniques I use. This will give me the opportunity to add them to the Methods Index here which is still so incomplete. Is there anything you would like me to explain. Anything in particular you are curious about?  Or is just going ok?


just growing

I have had requests to talk more about Skitch Skatch  and I intend to do that.  Because you asked and also because it is great timing as I begin to explore the deeper crossover between my illustration and my clothwork.

Weaving should be in there too I think, maybe Skitch Skatch Skeave?

I'm feeling a bit loopy today.

In a very good way.

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  1. Carla

    I look forward to your posts even if they are just a picture and a word. You should “go” at your own pace. I think most of us here just enjoy seeing what you do, hearing your voice occasionally and just “going” with whatever your flow is. I can’t wait to see the weaving. I’ve really been drawn to trying it the last few months.

  2. Lots of answers to your questions here already but I concur. Checking in every day or so is a bright spot for me. I look forward to your posts, videos, stories – always learning something new even if it is something you have done before. Always learning and now I am actually using some of what I have learned from you ! I would selfishly say – post every day! but in reality I say post as much as you want or don’t want. Sometimes we all need a break and sometimes we need to talk several times a day. Just going – I like it when you do that.

  3. Jennifer Ayotte

    I like your daily posts – if “just going” takes you there. Gives me a chance to savor them.

    I also like how we get insights about the play between your stitching and your thoughts…

    Thank you!!

    • Jenny

      I love reading your posts and seeing your work. I don’t know if I’m about to describe Skitch Skatch, but I’d like to understand better how you move from two bits of cloth stitched together to a marvellous personal design. You are an illustrator and I am not. At the moment I am trying to depict smoke but it looks like bird seed on the ground. I’ll carry on. Maybe it will become smoke or I’ll bond more with the seed. Please carry on.

  4. cednie

    Coming late to this party… but hello! I think it’s cool that comments are called “threads” and that this is like a weave of comments and responses… so much to love. I have to say the days when you post seem more complete to me.

  5. Julie

    I’m happy to have just what you share. As much or as little. I often find a certain synchronicity as I dip in here. Often what you post and the comments they inspire seems just what I need in that moment. It’s all good Jude! Thank you xx

  6. Helen Lee

    Many years ago I so wished you could put all your content on DVD’s or CD roms so we could buy them. I still wish that. I bought a book recently, and I found myself, although enjoying it, saying at each page…’Jude does it better’ 😃
    We love having other people’s work on the walls too, as well as our own.

    • jude

      that painting is way older than him. From my high school days, too long ago to remember m glad to have the artwork as a reminder. it’s a self portrait, maybe the first stray self?

  7. Simona

    I like reading about and seeing what you make. I love your philosophy and seeing your everyday world, and the way you weave a narrative. I like reading the comments on your work too. I’m interested in seeing the techniques you use and love that you share those. It’s good to see how other people work. I check in every few days. I think share what you like when and as you like.

  8. Dakotah

    I want to always have you and your work as a resource because I want to learn from what you share for the rest of my life. So that 10, 20, 30 or maybe even 40 years from now- if I live to be as old as my grandmother! – I can come back here to these times and remember and stitch and continue going and learning. So how can I do that? Maybe when I have printer access I can print out your blog posts? But then there are the videos. I need to think about this, but that’s what I want. ☮️💟🧚🏻‍♀️

just share what moves through you...