jude hill spirit cloth


A little Sympathetic Evolution then, as snow fell all day and the guy who plows doesn't show up  and the fuel delivery guy can't get up the hill because of the ice and the  deer came to eat the azalea bushes down to the ground.   But then, the beauty in it.  Round and Round we go.

I took the photos in low lamplight. And then used a filter to make them easier to see and they became a bit sketchy but sketchy is good right now.  Pinned to Grow, the basket cloth seemed a large cloth for a moment and then I erased the background to make it seem smaller again. Scale is really about context then isn't it?

So yesterday I began adding Thread Beads, the Snow Globe effect. Stopping short of a full circle because we can imagine that at this point.


  1. Carol

    Jude I’ve just had an expanded view of your thread beads and the bunting in all the colours or it could be described as colour rays too. The thread beads certainly add another dimension, more of snow. I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling and I do hope that some of the things that are not going right at this moment will turn themselves around. With the Azalea I’m hopeful that with Spring it will begin to recover.

  2. lemurielreyes

    The very brightest of moments in my days are when I see your emails or Instagram posts. They mean so much and keep me inspired and moving along one stitch at a time into the unknown and the known. You’re a tremendous gift to us all. Thank you

  3. Sharon Koch

    “round, like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel,
    never ending or beginning, on an ever spinning reel.
    like a snowball down a mountain, or a carnival balloon,
    like a carousel that’s turning, running rings around the moon.
    like a clock whose hands are sweeping past the minutes on its face,
    and the world is like an apple whirling silently in space.
    like the circles that you find,
    in the windmills of your mind…”

    noel harrison

    • He made the recording but it’s a song but the lyrics were written by Alan and Marilyn Bergman. I had to look that up because I couldn’t remember their names.
      I love the Jose Feliciano version.

  4. Jean Elliott

    I’ve been getting your “spirit cloth” posts but today was the first time I saw you have a blog. Yaaay! I must say, I do look forward to your posts. I never minded staying home but now it seems because we have to it really bothers me. I have no motivation and I’m only getting things done about an hour a day. The rest of the time I either go to bed or do puzzles on my iPad. I do have lots of vintage fabric ….I would love to try some of your pieces but just can’t make myself do it. Anyway I wanted to let you know you are a bright light in my day. Thank you for sharing your wonderful art.

  5. Judith

    Dreamy photos; good for a winter day. Aren’t you glad you have a big wood pile?
    We planted lots of lavender and rosemary. Pretty to look at, yummy to smell, and the deer won’t touch them.

  6. lou

    Structure through the mists and shades. Your piece perfectly evokes the snow season. The power of the weather where you are, seems so awesome, beauty in nature establishing a hold, I think. loved the snow globe video and the old bearded face. Watching and sighing, spring glimpses through here and then retreats. Robins sing out into the crystal cold air.

  7. considering the fine details in your work reminds me of the use of the arabesque in Islamic art, the spiralling pattern evokes the same sense of infinite wonder from jewelry scale to the dome of a mosque

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