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Grandma’s Hanger

As I recall, she, Grandma May,  crocheted over this hanger,,, added the clothespins and she hung up her stocking to dry in the bathroom. I forgot it was in the closet,  a handy gadget for this sort of thing...

Be Of The Day, I think I will add some raindrops after it dries.

I'm not talking today because the generator is on, the power is out, the town is flooded and everything is wet including this piece which was just dipped in the vat and then rinsed,  to make it a bit darker and wet, like the day.  More storms coming.  Everything in the garden is on the ground, including the sunflowers which I will go rescue. Bring some sunshine inside.

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  1. JoyceL

    My great aunt made them – I wish I had one to marvel at. Yours is lovely and I’ve never seen one with clothes pens sewn on – – brilliant!

  2. Barbara

    I had not thought about these for years. I made them in Home Economics. Many useful homemaking skills that make me the homemaker I am today.
    I love all the memories.

  3. Marilee

    I have about a dozen wood hangers in the back of the closet. For about 20 years I’ve been thinking about crocheting covers for them. I suppose when I die my kids will be sorting through my things and ask, “What the heck was she saving these antiques for?”

  4. Dilou91

    Oh, désolée pur ce mauvais temps, ici en France nous avons une très grosse chaleur pour la saison et après nous attendons les orages….
    Le cintre est très mignon et bonne idée de rentrer les tournesols.

    • jude

      Yes, the wild weather is everywhere. maybe we will need to become wilder to live with it.
      I want to make my own version of hangers now.
      The sunflowers are safely inside, brightening the day.

  5. She IS a Sunflower!! This hanger made me think of Dana and her beautiful place settings and how (typically) women found ways to ‘create’ and beautiful home. It must have helped with what I feel is the drudgery of cleaning (not my favorite thing to do). The care, deep care that was put into a home in days gone by feels like a loss of sorts. Grandma’s Hanger does work great for this purpose. I wonder what “Grandma” will show up with next, now that we’ve got her legs and hanger!! lol

    • jude

      do we become part of what we connect to? or do we just become aware of all we are part of? Connection is a kind of awareness.
      Grandma seems to be on my mind. Maybe I relate, oh ha!

    • Jen

      WOWZAH, crazy weather!!
      Hot and dry here again☀️
      Do s more mold in the studio ( oh yesterday was a bad, bad day, I lost my cool 🌋🌋🌋
      Hubby to the rescue, moldy cabinets replaced by heavy duty metal wire racks.
      Busy sorting today.

      Glad you rescued your sunflowers!!
      (& that you have the generator at least! )

  6. Marti

    I still have a dozen of my Mom’s crocheted hangers. She made them with all colors but knowing that I did not like the color pink, she kept the pink ones to just three. Some of them were plain, others had scalloped designs, one had a green and yellow pom pom in the center ?! and my favorite was a red and black hanger with a crocheted red rose in the center complete with green leaves.

    In total she made 3 dozen of them and when my girls whet to college, I wrapped up a dozen for each girl and wrote a note from their grandmother who had died when my twins were 10 yrs old. My girls were so touched to have a part of their GrandMa to take with them to college. When they were 8 yrs old,, she was a widow by then, and enrolled in a night class to learn to property speak and write English. She would mail her homework to our girls, they would look it over, make some suggestions and always pasted gold stars on her work and mailed it back to her…

  7. I have some without the hangers on the bottom that were a gift from either my grandmother or my aunt…probably bought at a Grange pancake breakfast fund raiser. I love the dark edges on this one.

    • Pam S.

      Makes me think of my grandma always hanging laundry on the clothes line. With six grown kids a lots of grandkids that visited regularly I don’t think I ever saw her without clothes pins in her pocket! 💙
      Hope the storm clears out quickly for you 🤞🏼

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