jude hill spirit cloth

Heat Wave and Grandma’s Legs

heat building and windows need washing

dark and light together

legs like mobile roots, patched over sketched lines, skitch skatch style, that is in the glossary.

old legs

Note to self: I like just talking, less typos.

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  1. deemallon

    Nice post! We are complete do-it-yourselfers, but twice I’ve shelled out to have my windows cleaned. It was worth every penny. Made the entire house feel cleaner. I like that you can tell these forms are in the process of changing into something else. Because aren’t we? Changing into something else all the time?

    • jude

      Windows, it just mostly never gets done here, mostly too hard to reach. And I must admit, I hardly ever dust either.
      History and love have a very strong relationship. I was thinking, if you love something, you simply keep at it no matter what. All this old cloth just gathers more time, evidence of a dedicated relationship.

  2. Sue Facherty

    You have stitched my grandma’s sturdy legs, beneath long, farmer’s wife pinnies.
    Mum had lovely, but painful, varicose legs, after years of nursing.
    Granddaughter has legs that go on for ever. She calls me Grandma Witch, for my ‘weird’ remedies! Just need some black pointy shoes – if only I hadn’t inherited my dad’s legs!
    I have to wait until proper morning to listen to your voice. It’s a cool shower, too hot, wakeful, long night.

  3. Judith

    The grandma I knew had sturdy country legs; Mom had gorgeous Betty Grable legs. This great grandma, is just thankful to have legs that took her many miles thru life.

  4. Marti

    Both of my Grandmothers from Spain were long gone before I came into the world but I do have stories of them. Both were small women, under 5 ft 3″ and both were curanderas (Healers) in their villages. My paternal grandmother was a quiet, shy woman more at home in her garden than with people but was always ready to help those who were ill. She gave her love of the land and gardening to my Dad.. My Mom’s mother was a fun loving woman who loved nothing better than to dance in her home,, in the fields, lifting her long skirt up to her black stocking knees, twirling around, dancing to a Spanish Jota, a dance found in Northern Spain where she was born,, lifting her arms, gracefully high using her fingers to make music with her castanets.

    My mother, a short woman with lovely legs that seemed so much longer than they were, loved to dance and dancing is in my blood, in my genes, a gift from my maternal grandmother and my mother. While my legs more closely resemble your cloth Grandma’s legs and I too am a short woman, still they serve me well in dancing.d. I dance to honor them, to celebrate life, to mourn life, when I am joyful, when I am sad, when I am angry and when I simply need to move about, connecting with spirit in my own way…

    I am amazed at how this all flowed our from me, due to this very special blog post Jude. Thanks.

  5. Marilee

    If there were bunions on the toes those could be my legs. Not Betty Grable’s legs, but they get me where I’m going, at least most of the time.

  6. Tina

    I find so much comfort in your voice .. the soft and gentleness of it. It definitely matches your stitched beings .. this one in particular. Love the legs!!!

  7. I’ve been more aware of my legs because I’ve been wearing shorts in the last two days of heat. Yes, they are old legs, bruised, bumpy, lumpy. Like grandma’s which I remember being always in stockings. (Is that possible?) But still so very functional.

    • jude

      Yes, stockings, imagine that. My dad’s mom had thick aching legs, sometimes stockings rolled around her ankles…but my mom’s mom had beautiful legs even when she was in her 80s. The story goes my grandfather saw her walk by and said I am going to marry those legs. And he did. My mom had terrible varicose legs. But exercise kept her going. Me, baggy at this point but functioning.

  8. Jen

    I love this, Grandma’s Legs ( my first thot upon reading g the title, seeing chubby little legs w teeny “feet” — I thot of my grandma’s, great grandmas, oh yes! Dresses w chubby legs/teeny feet 😂) But listening, I love how we as women, as a furthering generation also becomes our grandma’s legs, steadying, yet moving thru, from where we were, to where we are going.
    Such a nice metaphorical way to see how things continue, yet change.
    Such joy here in Moondance
    I hear the music!

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