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it’s Just Wednesday

There have been some cooler days, a lot of rain and no mowing.  Looks like grass but really a little wild grass and mostly what they call "weeds".   I wait to mow till leaves fall.  That results in a good mix of green and brown for the compost .  And the wild thyme, which has really been spreading,  has finished blooming.  Twice before winter.  There is about 1.5 acres of open surface here.  A lot of compost.

it's all green to me.

We ordered firewood this year.  Splitting will not be happening.  But stacking, I need the exercise.  I can handle that.  Too much sitting lately.   There is a big dead tree leaning over the road in that needs to come down before winter.  Wood for next year.  And we still have a cord or two under the deck, leftover from last season.

slow building

The morning's coffee straining has turned into a daily temple building challenge.  I am getting better at it.  That happens if you keep doing it over and over.

blurring the edges

I have been thinking about this for a while.  Blurring the edge of patchwork.  I started imagining a while back.  It began with Marshmallow Dyeing.  I have been reconsidering its possibilities for a while.   Mostly in terms of larger cloth.  I think life is settling a bit, and maybe I can get back to it.

The heat has returned, so a few days of sweating will have to pass first.  Maybe just small for now. Maybe even just looking.

heat wave

Yeah, probably just looking, which leads to thinking, and thinking is a way of doing.  Especially when there are so many other things to actually do.


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  1. Sue Facherty

    I collect a few fallen walnuts each time I walk by the river. They’re soaking in a bucket and I’m reluctant to lift the lid … that pungent citrus smell!! Your cloth inspiration though …

  2. Beth O

    Beautiful land you have there! The light is changing here, too. I love your house, clouds, sky, sun . . . they all shift this time of year . . .

  3. You are so good at getting to the essence of/deconstructing/reconstructing things- a way of seeing the layers that make up the idea of patchwork. Love that you play with your coffee grounds. There are often conversations with teabags here in the morning.

  4. Pam S.

    Yes it feels nice to step into cooler mornings here filling bird feeders and birdbaths… so many birds keep coming 🌞
    Do you use your coffee grounds for dying? I used to use them and tea to make my drawing paper look aged when I was a teenager. I liked everything antique, and now I’m an antique! 😬

  5. Jen

    Stepping outside, I thought to myself yesterday, “I think the light has changed”
    Perhaps Summer is waning after all.
    Softer light, softer edges.

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