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The Reset

Life is a tangle. And the garden seemed to say

Is this new?

I took a walk.

September's tangle


How it happened

oh, they thought, let's become like a flower...

Three late summer selves.  They were weary.

There were thoughts about becoming like a flower.   Maybe make seeds. Grow stronger roots. Or just learn to open.  But it wasn't time.

To the forest  they went.

tree hugging

Two wandered off to hug a tree.

And a flower seemed to form  in the leaning.

Without even trying.


One stood still. Practiced standing.  Standing seemed a bit like reaching.  She learned to open again and let go of the drama  that weighed her down.  Everything seemed to be singing.

This, again,  the cutting into, so stuff can move through, is such an evolving process symbol for me.  I have a language system of visual forms but the action as a symbol,  I like that so much,  Cutting Into. The courage to see I think. It challenges something.


She almost fell apart but didn't.  I recorded this yesterday,  while trying to mend it all together.

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  1. My garden is telling me the same thing…that and I might want to fertilize more. 🙂 Love the story, that she almost fell apart but didn’t. Sending love…

  2. Sue McQuade

    Sometimes running (or, at least walking quickly!) through the forest equals finding a place, albeit temporary, to shake off the collateral damage which we get entagled in.

  3. Judith

    Cutting can be painful; forcing a natural process but the results can be beneficial.
    Your photographs are always so beautiful; great talent there too.

  4. Jenny Rolfe

    Delightful, and all seems serene, be it after much work!
    Jude are you using some thicker fabrics? The ocre tree hugging self appears to be a needlecord? Not so thin fabric?
    Thank you as always.

    • jude

      It is a corded cloth. Sometimes I do use thicker cloth, but I cut away the cloth behind to keep it all thinner. I hate to waste anything… its old so not so stiff as it could be.

  5. Beth O

    Beautiful thoughts & images . . . your posts give me that nudge to really engage with my art and let it unfold . . . love your journey into Fall. Thanks SO much for sharing with us!

  6. Jana Jopson

    “Cutting Into” … I can feel that challenging something in me. Love the activities of the Summer Selves. Hugging, singing, cutting into …. a harvest of sorts.

    Thank you, Voice of Jude!

  7. Jen

    Change is always hard and Nature is always my solace.
    Digging in the garden to bury one’s troubles, or wandering in the woods to loosen the burdens on one’s Soul, always is the perfect remedy for life’s drama!
    And, you tell the story so beautifully, Jude!

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