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Already September

Dear Ragmates,

September is here.

I am here,  just to say that.  I am not really here to resume regular blogging.  I am... just going.

Suddenly, there are so many sunflowers.  I wanted you to know...

just going


I can always find time for stitching,  a stitch takes not much time.  And then there are enough to speak.  Even before I know what they might say.

the all not knowing

This post was going to be a newsletter,  but I think I am past all that.

Let's leave it at

It's a beautiful day.


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  1. Joyce L

    Love your sunflower! I have a couple happily planted for me by the squirrels which always makes me laugh. When I plant them, the squirrels dig them up and eat them before they have a chance to flower! Maybe next year I will try again. 🌼

  2. Maria

    Fabulous Jude I love the sunflowers .. I always have time for stitching as well .. love 💕 stitching 🌸🦋
    Have a lovely day 😍🙏

  3. Judith

    Such a happy little sunflower. So happy that the time of year my mother called Septober will soon be here; worn out from the heat and ready to recharge.

  4. Marti

    This is the month for gathering in, for quieting, for harvesting what the land has provided as well as harvesting what we have considered, learned, contemplated, attempted and resolved. I say this because for me, a September born woman, this is my new year; a season to take stock as I ease into a more reflective time, so I totally get no words, although I am often wordy! Welcome back Jude, your sunflowers make for good conversation…

  5. Hello, jude …. Thank you for continuing to share your life here.
    I’ve had to put my stitch work away for awhile because we moved to a new place and the demand on my hands was too great.
    My priority is getting these hands healed up. I might have to finish all my projects (quilts) with a sewing machine. It’s okay. We roll with what we’re given, yes ??

  6. Marilee

    Wonderful greeting piece for the first of September!!! Thank the gods. I thought it would never get here, and it even brought a smidgen of rain here in Oregon to help our wildfire fighters.
    I so love your sunflowers. . . all of them.

    • Veena

      Hi there Jude..good to read your post and see the sunflowers…Happy they look…thanks for sharing.
      Always a nice feeling to see your posts pop up.
      Stay well and sunflower-ish 🙂

  7. Rita H

    That incredible moon face, the patched flower, the cozy house…..the hits keep coming. You don’t need words. Your vision, the stitching, those great small bits and bobs of dyed fabric that you know how to put together so well to tell the stories….that says it all. Altho I do love to hear your voice, while you give insight and thoughts (selfish me)…..hey, we all have to move and change…just glad you check in …..Enjoy the Fall…..❣️

  8. sharon

    i sea so much of u in this cloth. the eyes above the waves, watching. the woman in the moon. the sun in the flower. all knowing the not knowing.
    thanx, jude…

  9. Judy

    so lovely Jude…and then they speak, the stitches…or something like that. One stitch at a time. That gives me hope that I can do that too. It’s been one group of house guests since the beginning of June and the next two arrive on Sunday for 2 weeks. I planned on a dye bath, didn’t happen. Some stitching…nope. Cooking, laundry and some fun times too. Middle of the month, it’ll be my time. Thanks for the inspiration Jude, one stitch at a time.

  10. Joanne

    I have a few scraps of cloth and my box full of Deb’s thread….I think a sunflower and a moon……stitched here in Maine might be what I need right now…

  11. Jen

    Hoses and sunflowers ( Simply Gorgeous by the way!) and that Moon face🤍🤍🤍 ( in honor of the Super Blue Full Moon?)
    Quiet time is good.
    Happy September, Jude! 💛

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