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Building a Temple to the Day

Yesterday, all day,  I silently bitched to myself, mumbling curse words and just being all around unhappy.  I did stitch a bit but I wasn't comfortable.  Even though that happens a lot and it mostly never bothers me. Soul-o ran into the forest and didn't return till dark and I was sure he wouldn't come back.  Even though every other time that happened I was sure he would.  It was sunless, humid,  and I was cranky.  Even though I know that sunlessness  makes me moody.   I  snapped at the man even though I knew he was trying to help.  And I went to bed thinking what a shitty day even though I knew that would keep me from sleeping, which it did.

I dyed some cloth which I wanted to talk about but I wasn't ready. I am still not ready.  But I am fine.  I think I just need the escape of Mood.   Mood is like a different perspective.  And in that way, I learn from it.  My chemistry is such that it doesn't keep me down for long.  I know that about myself.  So I wait.  It is like I have a built in reset button.  I look in the mirror and say

Ok, enough.  Cut the drama.  It always works and I end up laughing .  My mother used to laugh so hard she had to lean on something or she would fall down.  I'm getting there... it feels so good. I am glad I can still learn from her.

once discarded...now chosen

I picked this up from the the nothings basket. No reason. Just to begin.   going

and the day formed around it.

Not so bad... a struggle but I worked around it.  I might rename the log cabin block...the Work Around It block.  For me anyway, a reminder.  Of how form is temporary, circumstantially evolutionary.  There is no master plan.  Just what happens.  And what we learn from that.

the learning curve

I dyed some old cloth, I have stuff to say. Later.

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  1. Riding out the storm. Moods like that are a nuisance, because all you can do is wait for the sky to clear. But at least you know there is a spot of blue up there coming your way. A different blue to the inner one.

  2. Your mom stories always lead me right to my mom, even though they were quite different in many ways. Mine has been in my dreams this week. A mood is just a mood, unless you fall too far in! Love your hanging cloths, a cheerful rainbow of sorts. I miss my clothesline. Last, I’ve never been super into “peach”, but it’s come around lately as the color assigned to uterine cancer. Who was the someone that decided they all got their own color and which it is? My friend’s husband just started chemo for stomach cancer – periwinkle…now that’s a color I like 🙂

  3. Grazzia

    La mente nos juega malas pasadas. Si no estamos atentas le damos cuerda y ella habla y habla.
    Yo me aplico a mi misma la técnica del ¡Ya basta! Piensa algo útil.
    Gracias por compartir esa cotidianeidad que nos hace vernos y mejorarnos.

  4. Maria

    Thankyou Jude for showing us how real you are . 🌸I love sunny days they help me smile 😃 Riding the ups and downs with stitching, fabric and threads always bring me joy and thank goodness for Spiritcloth 🤗🦋💚

  5. sharon

    oh, yeah… nothing like looking in the mirror ‘n telling self exactly what it needs to hear. i like to get up close, so i can look right INTO my eyes ‘n speak directly. ha! too many voices saying what they think we want to hear. truth is a rare treat. thank u!

  6. Jacqui

    I have learnt so much more from my Mother since she died than I could understand/comprehend when she was alive. I love hearing yr stories about yr Mum.

  7. Deb VZ

    The mood must be atmospheric…I’ve had one all week. Time to stitch it out….maybe outside at my favorite park…far away from all the daily responsibilities and petty annoyances. I love the marshmallow effect and how it softens the edges. Maybe I need a good dip!

  8. Jen

    Oh “MOODS”…
    Yes, lots of those around my spot lately 🤦‍♀️😅
    Venus retrograde!?

    Love how you worked thru it & shared that💙💙💙

  9. Marilee

    Your dyed pieces (prayer flags?) are a mood in and of themselves. I think of serenity, of industry and of the joy of color, all in one.

    • jude

      Not meant to be prayer flags actually, I use those strings to hang my dyeing what ifs to dry, I call them learning curves. They are always joyous to see…

  10. Letting go of planning is one of the best things I’ve learned from you, and the just going. Your temple holds so much energy.
    I wonder what the moon was doing yesterday, because it was a day here too. I think of them as “release” days, and then on to resetting. The upside of them is that sometimes they make me want to clean.

  11. Roberta

    I am the exact opposite. I love a good cloudy day. The more the merrier and the happier I become. I think it is because I lived in southern Arizona. The sun is always out. Day in. Day out. Once in a while you will see a cloud. But not often. If you see a lot of clouds they call that an “action day”. So yes. I love un-sunny days.

  12. Thanks for the thought that mood is an escape. I get very moody and always think I should snap out of it, when maybe I should go into it – and build something!

  13. Vi

    I got visited by one/some of them recently too! Oh boy…
    And so true…it was good to have a laugh as They and their luggage walked out the door last week!
    How well you expressed it, Jude…resonated like a shot!

  14. Helen Lee

    Oh I LOVE your spoken words today. I felt so excited about ‘no plan’ and the freedom in that, then the way you described your bleh with the little pairing had me laughing, but also commiserating, then excited again about your “dip”.
    So glad you’re feeling better today 💕

  15. Louise

    It was so good to listen to your lovely calming voice, Jude, after a terrible, stressful week. I also have a reset button, but have had to push it several times this last week😅. Thank you for your posts x

  16. jcburchfield

    ‘ There is no master plan. Just what happens. And what we learn from that.’ – going in my diary. I’ve learned so much from being connected with you, things about stitching but also BEING. I thank you, dear friend, for being yourself and sharing that. It’s a permission slip for others to do the same and not take the process so seriously.

  17. Carol Ferrett

    Thinking about taking random parts from your baskets. They say that when making a dry-stone wall the maker picks up a rock and he must never put it back down because he can’t see where it fits; he has to look again to see where it can fit and then move on to the next rock. It’s a waste of time for the maker to pick it up and put it down again. And their walls stay up for eons !!

  18. Lynda Merry

    Oh Jude, you made me giggle when you ended your audio saying you decided you were just going to “dip it”. Not what I expected, but I’ll think about that all day now. Maybe that’s a solution to a lot of things.
    Have a good weekend,

  19. Jana

    “Things come to go.” A saying a friend once told me … be it a mosquito bite or a mood. Helps me ride it out or shift it. I’m still learning from my Mother, too …. 30+ years.

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