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A little Drama



It was just a summer Moon cabin.

Then the  magic spiral.

Then it seems a whirlpool.

And I fell in for a moment.

A cool dip.

I look and thought about the log cabin format as a reminder to work around it.

This morning.  I dipped it.

Marshmallow Dyeing.  Working around it.


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  1. Marilee

    Coming from a long line of stitchers, I’m fascinated by stitchery but mostly just made clothes. But even that has fallen by the wayside since I retired. Then, several weeks ago you showed us the small log cabin square and I was moved to make one of my own and enjoyed it so much that I’m now doing some more. On that first one I used the basic form to frame a sketch of my daughter’s favorite cat that had died and sent it to her for her birthday. I enjoyed the making so much and thus I decided to do some more, calling them “cabin-ettes.” Your little cabin touched a nerve and got me motivated. Thanks for always being an inspiration.

  2. sharon

    how a square becomes a circle by working intuitively “outside the box”… escaping linear thinking. a wonky version of the pineapple log cabin could further explore the spiral. how marshmallow dyeing captures inner glow. ‘twould be gorgeous hanging from a window, with bits of colored glass suspended from a fringe… hey, ho!…

  3. Beth

    morning Jude…I don’t know you, and still am filled with gratitude for your being expressed through words, cloth, thread….I worked for years with the late Congressman John Lewis. Many are now familiar with his phrase “good trouble.” There are lesser known words that I associate with the women of the civil rights movement that arise in response to “Deeper,” and they are “staying with the trouble.” The Deep place we go that can break us open to the chaos of our soul’s home—that place of surrender from which abiding power is sourced–a willingness to be subsumed into the one of our collective being. The tender intimacy of that choice. Such a fraught choice for the most exploited. Maybe courage is holding true to hearts way while facing death–Look what you drew out of me this morning

    • Beth….this is me, grace,
      we have a young grapefruit tree here who i named John Lewis and
      everyday when i go give water, i squat by her, and conjure up
      visions of John Lewis, the Beauty of him, and so wish for his presence now in this troubled world
      do you have a blog or something where i can read more of You?

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