jude hill spirit cloth

The hug of sky

It is always a risk, I guess...

Dipping the edges of an already stitched piece in the indigo.

still wet

Dipping into, just like cutting into something already so far into process, can be difficult for some.  We love the thing so early on.  Right?  But form is temporary anyway.

I usually wait till the vat is almost exhausted, so the dye isn't too potent and the staining is gradual. I dip and dip gingerly, seeking a soft edge.

before and after, which will become before, tomorrow.

Holding onto Nothing aka Everything is Connected aka New Eyes aka Connecting the Dots

The piece has to be wet, so that is a risk as well, since everything moves around and I work with such fragile old cloth and old cloth can often lose color or even worse, run, especially reds.  And the indigo can travel where you don't want it or then even you might not even like the result.

I love doing it, it is exhilarating.

And most often it  offers the results I expect.  Or more.  (Here it created a sense of safety and Oneness.)  And if not, well, I keep at it.  Sometimes it changes everything.

I called this Marshmallow Dyeing.  ( I will put that in the glossary later I did that)  The soft dyed edge.  Some of you were there. Some of you have just arrived. ( and always a thank you to those of you who donate  toward my free content, I try to respond but messages do not always reach you)

This video, a lesson from Whispering Color, and older class, listed in the sidebar und free and open content.

This process has so much possibility.  Not always obvious in some pieces I make if I do not mention it.  But I use it a lot.

Not as applicable with other dyes, indigo dyes so quickly since it is based on oxidation.  It's nature led me here.

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  1. I always love when you have stacks of things you go through…so many possibilities. Just came in from dyeing a few things tonight. Tomorrow I’ll decided if I want to dip again.

    • jude

      piles. the downside to less is no piles. like layers of days, I love them too.
      the vat is getting tired, a little more dipping today and I will let it rest. I need to do some late planting.

  2. sharon

    can sense the passage of time in this one ‘n deep reflection. the twilight zone, where the after foreshadows the before. jude, you’ve taught me the importance of risk, both in making ‘n in life. i see that not risking can be a greater risk than risking… x

  3. Nancy D

    The element of Risk is inherent in Art. The artist must dip into newness, for the sake of growth! I tried spinning my own hair yesterday, after harvesting locks from my hairbrush…
    ‘Twill be hair for the Lolly Willowes poppet I have crafted for my granddaughter.😊

  4. Jen

    Love what happens w the indigo dipping, esp old pieces ( I’ve yet to try that, — I must!)
    Love watching the videos, Jude ☺️

    “New Eyes” is a powerful piece, Jude 👁️😍
    “Eye” love it!
    Eye candy!!

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