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Let it Be Another Day

Looking at yesterday today.

another day makes it a temple of days

I sat working, on the porch, yesterday, as the cool moved in.  I thought the need to do a video, there is so much here.  But I can't get myself in that mode.  I will wait.

And I laugh again and play a little game with the words Work Around It  block.

Work Around It


And I looked up...


She brought her sister,  the kids are leaping through the forest.

I dipped Nana Self and added some white hair. I love how the blue moves right through the moon. And that I wasn't afraid to do that. I read somewhere yesterday that to forget, in some cases, is a way to learn.  Maybe fear can be forgotten. To forget can also be to move on.  That is why "Never Forget" has always bothered me.

Nana Self continues

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  1. Sweet deer! I love how you got them framed by the window. Planned or serendipity?
    I always love your stray selves and Nana self is no exception, but, gosh! She looks so sad. The fringy edge of the patch looks like a tear from her eye.
    (My pareidolia sees a stray Soul-O self right next to her.)

    • jude

      i just looked up. camera was there.
      Sad I am not seeing, full of so much confusing emotion yes, but she is not finished…
      well he is probably there…in the garden

  2. Judith

    Then sisters are beautiful; graceful symmetry.
    Nana’s silvery hair as the threads of time.

    “Work around it” I say to DH when he’s trying to say a word that just won’t come out. “The place we fed the bluejay by the river” he says. “Downieville” I say. We’ve both had strokes so there is a lot of working around it going on here in all forms mental and physical.

  3. Marilee

    I love the phrase “Let It Be.” It’s cropped up three times this morning. I’m taking that as a message, and I’m loving the image of Nana Self. I have hair like that and the same wrinkles. Don’t you just love serendipity?

  4. Lynne Watson

    An erstwhile teacher who later went off the rails said, and it’s valid even coming from a broken teacher ..”forgiving is forgetting.”

  5. Jen

    Softness creeping in…a season of gentleness…
    and yes, every morning I wake up with this thought:
    A new day, YAY!
    (becuz really, such a gift!)
    LOVE the Nana Self hair
    I wish I had deer instead of armadillos–HA!
    (maybe not, they’d eat all my flowers, right?)

  6. Nancy D

    Nothing wrong with a Blue Moon 🌚…there will be one at the end of this month!
    Your deare sisters look as though they are in paradise.
    If we forget, we are doomed to repeat. But, being human, I think we would anyways…

  7. sharon

    way to go, perky nana! feelin’ a gentle, fairytale vibe from the temple of days. like seein’ the sisters just outside. LUV that 70s sun! the endless surprises of w-a-i-t… “what-and-if-together”…

  8. Sarita

    I agree about “Never Forget” always felt like never forgive, never grow, stingy love.
    Love how the muted background brings Nana Self & the moon forward!

  9. Sun rise just now, the whole day stretched out ahead…what to do? What might happen? 🙂 I like how Nana self has shadows now, well I think it did before, but more like the edge of the day.

  10. deemallon

    Oh those sisters! The evolution of these small pieces has been endlessly fascinating lately. And I’m loving the reminder that sometimes waiting is everything.

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