jude hill spirit cloth

After a big rain

Everyone came out of hiding.

so healthy, plenty to eat.

There was, after all, no wind here.  And the sun came out.  It's hot but it almost feels like a normal July day.  A little flooding in town but just humidity here on this hill. Not as much rain as expected.  But now, the smoke from the Canadian fires is moving back in.  I can smell it already.

refuge from the heat

You have to look carefully but he is parked in the deep shade up against the stone wall.  It's cooler there.  He's been there for at least an hour.  Looking back. Maybe that is  a regular thing and I just didn't notice.  This time, because I was watching,  I saw him lay down.

love flower

Yesterday's nine.  I like how the scale difference  has changed the form.  The circle was transformed into squares once again,  Two squares.  But there is spin.  And  everything is revolving around love.  Like the center of the universe.  A new order.

This one done paperless piecing style.  In MoonFlower Format.

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  1. Saw a mama and two babies, still with their spots, the other day. So sweet but worrisome as they were grazing along side a fairly busy road. I love the colors of this moonflower…happy colors.

  2. Caro

    A buck showed up for me here a while ago. I wondered the same, is he always out there and i just dont see him?
    Seeing your little cloth pieces made me miss my work on cloth which always falls away in the summer/ garden season. I feel a pull to pick it up again.
    Thank you for that.

  3. Marilee

    Goodness, but he’s beautiful, and smart, finding a shady spot to relax and keep an eye on any activity going on. I wonder if he’s always alone.

  4. Laura

    So relieved that you made it through all that rain. Your backyard buck is a gorgeous specimen. He is so trusting of you, and looks comfortable in his shelter.

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