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Storm Self

So, it began a couple of days a go...

while weathering a storm.

Probably I could have, more or less, left it as is, maybe added eyes.

But the storm charged me up into a frenzy.   I am thinking a bit more about form lately.  How we might work toward expectation a lot.   How sometimes just the sheer honesty of how it might go is sometime a way to learn more about ourselves.  Perhaps that is part of why I like storms so much, the sheer energy in them.  The beauty in that.

was nice this way too.

i love the energy here

...the other side...

And then, the expected.  Thinking about like-minded-ness. How we might gather based on that.  But then, what do we really learn from that?  Except reinforce that which we already think we know. How small that is I thought to myself today.

I am not sure that will ever make the world the safe place we dream about.

As usual just catching thoughts and asking questions.

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  1. Sharan

    I’m fascinated with the black and white twisted thread you use – is there a source for that I’ve missed? Or is it your own magic stitch Jude?

  2. Sharan

    The “sheer honesty” of stitch does uncover/reveal the energy in the stitcher, the thread, the cloth … I’m pondering this thought …

  3. Rita

    Stupendous ….. I am loving this impetuous beastie, who’s poking fun at us all the while trying to look ferocious, but can’t hide the smile….so cool.

  4. Jan Stevenson

    ‘love the lightning. creative energy is a tricky thing I’m finding. Some years back I made a small quilt…spider in in her web…and it always bothered me…always looked much uglier than I imagined it to be. There was a poem that went along with it and that held my true intention. Well, the quilt came back after being in a gallery for a while, and I lived with the ugliness for years until I realized it wasn’t My web or my spider, or my sky in the background. It was another woman’s creation interfering with my own. I burned the thing a couple of years ago and have felt much better. We don’t have to stay with the pain, but we do need to understand where it comes from. At least that is what I’ve been working with.

  5. sharon

    yeah, making is letting go. and learning. “your” song just came to mind about making a sad song better … “the movement you need is on your shoulder…” seeing ‘n hearing your process always energizes me… my morning cup ‘o jude! x

  6. Jana Jopson

    I saw the orange scrap as the arms of the beast and that it was dancing … a sacred dance? Connecting cloud, earth, sea.

  7. Nancy D

    Conflict is necessary for Change. And Change is Life. There would be no Story without Conflict, says the Writer. Only then does the Character change, and Grow.

  8. Marti

    The energy of storms can stimulate and also create frenzied introspection: I found myself in one just recently with an old scrap of cloth that had sat in my reed basket for many years. Tea dyed then wrapped around a tin can to get the lid imprint. The other day, my mood was scattered, in keeping with the horrendous heat here in New Mexico, sporadic winds, then heat, then a quick drop of rain, we are heading into our monsoon season but mostly days of over 100 temps, an atmosphere of cranky turmoil!

    Cloth for me is less about stitching and more about the alchemy of foraging for earth based materials to dye cloth so how was it that I found myself intently using 6 strands of Deb L’s marvelous multicolored threads, the soothing colors of blues, greens and a spot of yellow to stitch on this old scrap of cloth? Round and, round and round, across and up and down, highlighting the circle created from the the imprinted lid…finally I realized that the stitches were mending stitches…the orb/circle was a globe, our world. I was trying to mend our tattered world but it came to me that I was also trying to mend myself…

  9. What comes to mind this morning… “big picture thinker.” 🙂 And I see cat, I see Timber…what I imagine his face to be like when he jumps on my back and I don’t know he’s coming. “Gotcha!”

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