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Atmospheric River Day

dark day

Hard to imagine that it is even daytime.  So dark.  The rain began at 5 AM.  Imagine now after 7" of rain, another 6.  And the magnolia has bloomed for the third time.  Something's up.

A little Cloud Storming seems in order:

it is almost a being,  if I add eyes.

Just a sudden reconsidering of storm cloud, how that might be expressed with what's on hand.

They just issued a tornado watch.   I think I will move to the basement.

Later... hopefully

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  1. Carol Rookstool

    Each morning I dash to the computer to see how you are fairing. Today, there is no up date. The water and the wind must have demanded your attention. Your ragmates wait for you.

  2. Maddie

    Hope you’re ok. Not a tornado, but straight line winds here of 70-80 mph. Two walnut trees down here but luckily they missed all structures.

  3. Judith

    Stay safe, war, and dry. How does Soul-O weather storms?
    I enjoy how you brainstorm words. I’m fascinated by lenticular clouds they’re so spaceshippy.

  4. Marti

    Hunker down, stay safe…tornadoes are quite frightening in sound and in destruction. Experienced one when we lived in TN, a mile from our home, massive uprooting of trees, damaged homes and schools and sadly, loss of life. Our rental home lost power but held.

    Regarding the world Cloud: When our twin girls were three, we took a short vacation along the California coast up north. Our little girls had never seen fog before and when they did, they turned to each other and both uttered the phrase, “cloud smoke!” We were astonished not only by the perfect description of fog but that they both said it at the exact time…twins have a magical language ability at times!

  5. Pat Jacobs

    Oh Jude! I love your idea of doodling on cards and my first thought was make these into a book and in the next minute that’s exactly what you said. Thanks for all your inspiration .

  6. Cathy Bertanzetti

    Clouds, hmmm, such an interesting subject. I can see how the way that the clouds are illustrated could reveal where my mind’s health is…thank you for the illustrations and thoughts.

  7. Of course I saw sheep. 🙂 And now I am thinking of spinning clouds, and counting sheep. I am hoping to do some clay resist today, indigo vat is looking great! Basement seems like it may be a good place to hang out today…since you are on high ground. So much weather…

  8. sharon

    …”oh, i’ve looked at clouds from all sides now, from up ‘n down ‘n still somehow, it’s clouds illusions i recall. i really don’t know clouds… at all!”

  9. Sarita

    Oh Wow!
    We had a deluge over night for a half hour. Thought the house would float away. Can’t imagine the amount of water & the sound of it you are suffering through.
    Hoping you remain safe through your next storm surge.

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