jude hill spirit cloth


I love the uneven top

The tree.  I made one before, a while back.  I had suddenly thought of its form as a grounded cloud. Or a path from earth to sky.

I have a lot of loose dyed patches here and I think my favorite approach is to play with them.  They are very comforting in a way.  The way they remind me how one thing might become another.    The building of course, the connections. but also how they might be intended as one thing and then transformed by just asking what if?  .

Always takes me back to childhood somehow.  A no worry, wonder what will happen thing.  So there was one tree and then another and thoughts about making a forest.  And then living there.  And I am actually.  Living there.  Here,  and maybe that is why it came so easily.

the second tree, evidence of flooding.


I use Fold and Stitch mostly,  mostly not working from a pattern but from a thought.  More spontaneous  and  full of pleasant surprises.  Also makes you think about how it might work.  A good skill.  Everything constructive that we do is a kind of building.  Or rebuilding.  Patchwork, in perspective.

There is talk of an atmospheric river here tomorrow.  I worry, we are so saturated. Trees may fall.  Hoping for no wind.

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  1. Vi

    Such fun this, and yes so comforting. No efforting ..just unfolding and watching things change…how well you write about it. I really resonate with what you say, very much. Often do this myself. Something healing, here.

  2. Amy

    This post and thread makes me think of Thich Nhat Hanh’s writing about clouds in a piece of paper, which would also apply to a scrap of cotton, the thread, the needle……. We all inter-are, interbeing with our tools and materials, changing form.
    My dad is in the process of actively leaving his form. Rain, moisture, humidity, sweat, tears.

  3. Sarita

    Melting…too limp for words. Love the thread of comments: “what if woods”, “atmospheric river”. Our relatives the trees, grounded path to atmospheric wonders.

  4. Sue

    Those tall trees make me feel small, which is no mean feat! Mind you, I am rapidly shrinking and finding I can no longer reach some of our windows to close them.
    An atmospheric river sounds mysterious. We have wild wind and rain today. A small branch fell into my windscreen on the way to sit with grandchildren, who are peacefully drifting sleepwards. Amazing considering .
    Smallest needed reassurance that mummy and daddy would be let out of the escape room, even if they got the questions wrong!
    Oh for some kind of weathery balance for us all.

  5. Jen

    Oooo, ahh…”cloud storming”
    And “what if woods”
    this is all very fun, and a much-needed respite from all the worry…
    ~especially today, as I started to dive into the disaster of a studio—only to find there’s a major moisture problem in the wall with the a/c unit.
    (hope your atmospheric river doesn’t give you a deluge. )

  6. sharon

    love simple shapes. how they can morph… cloud. tree. or be 2 things at once… cloud tree, or tree cloud. or a big scoop of ice cream! i digress… feels like jude ‘n the bean stalk to me. a pathway into imagination.

  7. Hope you get better weather…such an extreme summer in so many places. So glad to see you playing with these. I’ve been looking at the “cloud” patches and thinking shrubs too. 🙂

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