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Not Weaving Wednesday

Didn't get much sleep.

We live next to, let's call him Fireworks Fred,  need I say more?  Not a fan of explosives.  Soul-o  just came out from under the bed.

So there was a moon and a lot of noise.  But I imagined the sound as form and it turned out ok.

sky cabin.

I can see moon and star here, maybe if I stitch a bit more  it might hold sun moon and star. I always liked them together.

I will get back to Weaving next Wednesday.

The discharge was done with bleach, which may not be your cup of tea, I understand, but I play occasionally.   Here are 2 links to some posts I made in the past.  OneTwo.

And I guess this makes 3.


It finally stopped raining, at least for today.  It's a jungle.  Letting the grapes run wild has attracted many cardinals.


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  1. Another example of yours of how one thing can be everything.
    We went to sleep to the crackles, pops and bangs… and at 4am, four loud kapows. Assumed fireworks, wondered about gunfire, but no sirens… a very long night.

  2. sharon

    imagining sound as form makes me wonder what kind of form, energy, frequencies, vibrations our words create… this sky cabin has the feel of a kaleidoscope…

  3. Judith

    Beautiful mullein; folklore says it’s protection against fire.
    It sounded like a war here the last several days; last night was terrible. Cats squeezed themselves under recliners and one sneaked her way under my covers last night.

  4. Nancy

    Yeah, there’s a law here too. Right.
    Our neighbors start a few days before, go on well after…
    Last night was the worst ever. I don’t know what they were doing, but it sounded like a cannon! Ugh.

  5. deb

    I always loved fireworks, New York style up in the air with as much to see as hear. Many fond memories of going somewhere to gather with lots of folks to watch, wave sparklers and lit punks, eat junk, sneak a beer, and play slap tag with the mosquitos until the show started. Down here the locals go for the big noise kind starting just before dark. Nothing to see and the thunderstorms put it all to shame. It was still smoky and dank this morning.

  6. Rae Fuller

    Standing with all of you who don’t like fireworks! We are near a reservation where you can buy them. Dread the Holiday now. Our Neighbor went nuts last night.

  7. Pam S.

    We must be long lost twins Jude 😁 I can’t stand having our neighbors set off fireworks Either. In my opinion it should be left to professionals who do it in every town in our area!
    Our cat has been scared and shaking for days of constant fireworks too … not just on the 4th.
    Enough ranting..
    Love your process with the bleach, and I’m adding that to my mental list of things to try with cloth💙👍🏻

    • jude

      Yeah, what happened to “sparklers “. That was enough.
      I am going to transfer this idea to some sort of resist eventually, but the bleach is here to clean certain things, so ideas can be tried.

  8. Sandy Carlman

    Love, love, love all the places these blogs on undyeing took me! So many possibilities for new adventures in this fascinating world of dyeing and stitching and making. Thank you for your sharing and inspiration!

  9. I didn’t stay up to watch the big display of fireworks the city does but it woke me up. I lay in bed and imagined big blossoms of light. Can’t see the fireworks from my house very well so it wasn’t worth it to go see. I would love to have mullien in my garden.

    • jude

      Mostly at the wood’s edge here. Last year some weird flies attacked them. They seem very happy this year. I count 11.

  10. I have a huge mullein in my garden. Just one. I let it stay. It seems like a mysterious visitor on the land around me every year, popping up in different places.

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