Forever Diaries #6 – More-Un Dyeing

Continuing with the Un-Dyeing idea...

continued from here.

9 loose painted patches

Just painting here, no stencil.

So I did a little playing.  Call it playing, it will loosen you up.  No goal but to see what happens.

Then I talk to myself, tell myself what I think happened, ask myself what else might happen.  A lot of new components might form here, eventually settling in as symbols. It is funny how this is painting and un-dyeing at the same time. An interesting layering of doing.

This post will be added to the Focus Page/Dyeing and Un-Dyeing


  1. I love that drawing, painting, stitching and cloth come together here in your work. I really love this, Jude. So curious about the inktense pencils, what you can do with them. I love drawing and painting and stitching, and I always felt they belong together. So it was nice to see your whatifs.
    Thank you for that!

    • jude

      yes, this crossover is important for me to continue… there is some new form that needs to be realized but sometimes that takes a long time.

    • carroleb

      Love this bringing together of materials.
      I have a little series of small quilts with inktense colours and stitch I started while travelling, might be time to revisit in a more non literal way.

  2. Ada

    You’re bleached figures mirror each other look like shadow and light but shadow escaped having to follow behind and is now side by side and on the loose….

    • jude

      shibori and discharge dyeing are so much about shadow and light. In fact indigo dyeing has always triggered that thought in me. I will have talk about that, thank you for this comment.

  3. wondering what your current bleach-infused product of choice is these days (I never like the grittiness of Soft Scrub and Cascade dishwasher gel no longer comes with bleach …)

    and thank you for triggering this: what if I discharge some Inktense dyed cloth?

    • jude

      I wonder if that inktense dye will bleach? Try it! I do use soft scrub, because it is here. It is gritty but stays in place. Mostly. What about a bleach pen? I have an old one here, forgot about that.

  4. sharon

    LOVE the moon-faced cat with the sketchy frayed edges! and a “what happened” sampler! would be fun to create a cloth book with easily removable samples… great video, jude!

  5. Helen Lee

    I thought the dots above the waves were deliberate. ..they look like the spray from the waves to me!

    The mistakes really add something, more often than not.

    Loving your ‘play’ Jude 🙆💙

  6. Joan Hinchcliff

    Loving the un-dyeing patches. You are so good at “playing”, somewhere in the years I lost that and I am searching to find that hidden playfulness within.

  7. Jen NyBlom

    As i watched and listened, I kept thinking…what if– and then you would complete my thought(s) a second later! Ha!

    Now I need to Plaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!

    (can’t play in the gardens today; pollen ‘storm’ this morning–UGH!
    REAL storm tonite–Eeek)

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