jude hill spirit cloth

Not much to say

It’s hot.
Soul-o outside of the box

Back to a dot a day.  The Grow Cloth.

I could surely just stitch on this forever.

The Skeave thing is working nicely.  With Deb’s Thread.  And still that Sharpie continues, do they ever dry up?

this is fun

I am sure I will never buy another one, maybe it will last as long as me.

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  1. Nancy

    I had a friend once tell me that “this is my last car”…never thought of it for a Sharpie though!! 😁
    Humid, mosquitos…yuc.

  2. Trying to look on the bright side, I have an almost ripe tomato…maybe is now. Earliest I’ve had tomatoes in a long time. I am really going to have to try this soon.

    • jude

      It’s a slug fest here. But there are tomatoes. Will have to make my way through the jungle to find them.
      Yes try, it’s relaxing.

  3. Peggy McG

    Oppressive has left MN, I woke to 47 yesterday with a cold wind all day. I hope it will blow your way soon!
    Too windy to have a campfire but able to enjoy no mosquitos!

  4. Jen

    Even thinking about being motivated is hard to do in all the heat/humidity.
    Moving slowly….
    Definitely SLOTH weather, ha!

    Love the dots & skeaving…maybe I’ll try that today, if I can work up the energy. 😅

    I just took a pic of Kahlo doing the same as Soul-O!….”Mom, it’s hot!”

  5. Nancy D

    Lately I have been sleeping like a child. No covers. Sprawled out, not even a pillow. And it feels so good, doesn’t it, Soul-o?!
    Love your latest Skeaving, Jude…much thicker thread…the colors are beautiful.

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